The Holiday – Egypt. The Hotel – Jaz Aquamarine. The Life Event – Love.

I packed everything the night before nice and neat thanks to my packing cubes. I borrowed the suitcase. MrGuine borrowed a fancy, useful self weighing suitcase. Mine came to 17.8kg and his came to 12kg. Safe to say mutual things like toiletries etc ended up in his, along with a few of my bits.

Once we arrived we were greeted with a cold flannel, a fresh non-alcoholic cocktail and an envelope with our room numbers. We had a band put on to display that we were all inclusive and directed to our rooms which were lovely. I fell in love with the bathroom which was a beautiful glittered granite covered room, good thing too as I became well acquainted with it.

Holiday and phone update 1733

The fun I had with the safe as well. I tried putting in the code, thought I’d done it all, tried to open it and the alarm went off, constantly! Reception was great though, they sent someone up who went through it step by step with me.

The next morning we went to the representative meeting. We found out that we had all been upgraded to the platinum status due to the flight delay. This meant that we received a free bottle of coke and sprite. A 1.2 litre of fresh bottled water per day, unlimited use of the A La Carte restaurants and use of the sister hotel the Blue Aquamarine right next door. We were very pleasantly surprised by this and it definitely perked everyone up.

Once the meeting was done we went to the lounge pool area and got some beds. I really liked this pool as it had weighted sunbeds actually in the pool that you could sunbathe on and be kept cool by the water in the 38 degree heat.

We had our 3 year anniversary during our stay.

Holiday Egypt 2015 030

Royal Cruise

(We sadly didn’t get any of our own picture during this trip as I didn’t want to take my  new camera onto the boat with us.)

I had booked some excursions for us to enjoy while we were there. The Royal Cruise (adult only) was the one I picked for our anniversary. I’d never snorkeled and neither has

MrGuine but its something we wanted to try and he’s the adventurous type that will give pretty much any adventure activity a go.

It was an early morning trip and the alarm went off at 7am which was almost a killer considering we’d had a long day previous and this was actually 6am to our bodies.

However we we’re excited and headed to the reception for 7:15am. The coach arrived very promptly, the gentleman picking us up was very well dressed and spoke perfect English.

About 10 of us in total from our hotel and it was about a 40 minute bus ride through the main town to get to the harbour. This was fun to see as its such a different way of life than what we’re used to. The shops were random, the roads chaotic and people simply stepped out in front of vehicles! We waited 20 minutes for the other two hotels to arrive, the rep  offered out sea-sickness tablets and I wished I’d taken one, but I was ok after about an hour into the trip once I’d gotten used to the motions.

We headed out to sea which was beautiful, it got a little chilly at some points so a note if you go. We spotted dolphins, around 12 of them, swimming along side the boat. The captain was brilliant and chased them, until the coast guard came out and told us we were going too far out to sea!

We were given a snorkeling set and some flippers, once everything was on and secure, we were all able to jump in or be lowered down. MrGuine and I both jumped, it was quite a shock of cold at first but was very comfortable after a little while.

Holiday Egypt 2015 037

We followed our guide around a very large coral reef and it was beautiful. I would highly recommend this for everyone, it was really fun. We spotted some multi coloured tropical fishes, a large sting ray, thin sharp looking fish and black sea urchins bigger than your head. On the second reef we were able to get much closer the fish were very friendly, some even run themselves along your hands if you hold them afloat in the water.

I loved this, I really enjoy the sea and MrGuine found it great how up close and personal you could get to everything. I’m not going to lie it is quite tiring physically, so if you need to just either hang in the water and let it do the work or take a breather for this second trip.

For lunch we were served a lovely sea food buffet, which the combinations seem random.

There was lovely shrimp, some barbecued chicken, calamari rings, crab pasta. Then their was pasta with mayonnaise and mustard? Cucumber, tomato, celery and watermelon? Personally a little weird for me!

After was the third reef we got to swim around a very large coral reef by ourselves. This was very fun as we went at our own pace. The water was a little choppier with the occasional mouthful of sea water was interesting. In ended really nicely and only took about 40 minutes to get back to shore where the dolphins joined us again. The trip back was uneventful but again was interesting to view.


We booked in a for a meal at the Asian restaurant for 6:30pm via the touch screen at reception. The setting was lovely and the staff friendly. We got a nice seat by the window and enjoyed wantons, dumplings, black bean beef, noodles and salmon rolls.

MrGuine wanted to go for a walk after wards and we had a great time going round all the beautifully light up pools and ended up by the beach in the starlight.

Quad Biking

For our second excursion I arranged for us to go on a quad biking adventure through the desert.

This was a nice time as it was an evening excursion. We got to spend the majority of the day chilling by the pool after a nice lay in and breakfast. We’d been warned that the quad’s can get hot and burn the insides of your legs, so I wore some leggings and MrGuine wore jeans. Take water with you as depending which pick up you are its a long time in a small hot bus.

We were seated around an exotic carpet area and given information leaflets to read through and sign, susurprisingly it took them a long time to find an English one for us.We got to get our mini lesson on how to ride a quad, very easy. Turn key to switch on, push a leaver to go and pull both leavers on the front of the handles gently to stop. After a nice photo together we were off on a practise run!

This was simple, they wanted to know that you could control the speed, break well and stay in a line. We were lead off towards the sun, over bumps that I found easier to take on the bottom if I stood. The two in front of me were a bit annoying as they kept swerving and kicking up a lot of dirt and rocks. I ended up leaving a very good gap between us and occasionally cranking it up to 50 mph to catch up as I didn’t like breathing in all the dust, even with the mask.

We were lead out to a dune scape where you could climb to the top and take some photos, we didn’t find this too appealing as there wasn’t much around to view and the sun wasn’t setting.

Going back was much more fun we were lead up the dunes and brought rushing back down, over multiple bumps and a nice long stretch where you could really pick up some speed. The highest I went was around 55, MrGuine (who has a motorbike) got up to around 60/65 and would of liked to go faster.

Holiday Egypt 2015 033

Once back we were told all about the different tourist options as usual and then taken back to our hotel, which thankfully was the first drop! I’d definitely recommend this trip, it was very fun and both of us enjoyed it a lot. However I would say if you have any issues with your right wrist or have any pain in your hand/thumb it may not be the best trip for you.

Life Event

We’re Engaged!

Honestly, words cannot describe how incredibly happy I am. We got engaged on 14th June 2015. I had no idea it was going to happen. MrGuine got the ring through customs, a 5 hour flight, the trip to the hotel and then hid it for nearly two whole days while we were there without me even noticing! We’re an open couple too, we have no issues with each other  popping into each others bags to get things.

We had been on our Royal Cruise trip during the day and I was happy, relaxed and in a pleasant mood so when he suggested going for a starlight walk after dinner I was happy to.We walked round the pools and headed out towards the beach, we got to the beach front with this large pool all light up behind us and the sea in front of us. Having a cuddle and a kiss, talking about our anniversary, he reaches into his pocket, turns round onto one knee and said Will you one day become my wife?. I was in shock, I vaguely remember saying yes, yes, of course a lot.

Holiday Egypt 2015 050

I adore my ring, its simply stunning, he said that he spent hours going through my pinterest account where I had a board dedicated to engagement rings. He bought it end of May and had been holding onto it for a month!

He was really traditional, asking my dad if he could ask me. So the people that knew, my dad, mum, sister, my brother-in-law, his mum, dad, brother, his sister-in-law and his best friend. They did very well keeping it quiet.

The only sad thing was its two size too small. Its been two weeks since he proposed and we could only get to the seller today to get the re-sizing sorted as we had to take a trip to Birmingham.

I’m like yay, yay, yay, at the moment and have already been looking at venues, guests, dresses etc. We got lovely congratulations from friends and family via messages, texts, facebook and in person. Very happy and pleased for us.

So very happy!

Holiday Egypt 2015 049


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