I’m Kay, 28 and engaged. I live with my parents, I’m self-employed and at times I struggle with being a ‘grown up’.

(We really do just wing it, don’t we?)

Naively, I thought, at this age I would have things ‘sorted out’.

Meaning – I’d be married, have my first baby, be in a good job and in a home with the man I loved.

Luckily I have managed the most important of those to me which was finding the man I love, whats life if you can’t spend it everyday with someone you love?

I will include him in my blog, he’ll be known as MrGuine. 

I have no set ‘style’ of posts. It will be beauty, hair, lifestyle, mental health, physical health, movies, reviews, day trip etc. 

All different things, whatever takes my fancy. I may or may not do regular updates, this became a stressful situation with a previous blog as it was a chore rather than a pleasure. I will try but I make no promises, I want this as a hobby, an escape from stressful, long days where I can let my creative side flow.  

I try to use my own images, if I’m (rarely) unable to then I give credit where due and links will be contained in those images to their owners, I’m not one for stealing others work.

If any of this is holding your interest then please feel free to join me as frequent or infrequent as you like.



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