New Buy’s Initial Review


I have wanted a solid highlighter for a while, I didn’t want a powder or a liquid. I read reviews and found that the Chubby Stick Range from Clinique did one. I already have their contour stick and find it really easy to use.

Make Up Reviews 023

I decided that due to liking the other member of the range that I’d order it and see. I had seen ones that I liked from Dior and Burberry but wasn’t feeling the price tag.

Swatches 002.jpg

Swatching this I was pleasantly surprised, it was subtle but effective and really shined in the light without being glittery. I have been using this daily since it arrived and would highly recommend if you’re thinking about a solid highlighter.

Real Techniques

I had been using an old Ruby and Millie brush, no offence but it was a buffing brush for eyeshadow and I found that it was sharp & uncomfortable. Strange for this range but I decided to invest in some other brushes.

I am a big fan of Real Techniques tools, especially in love with their Bold Metal’s Collection. Beautiful and practical.

brushes 003.jpg

I looked around and decided to go to Real Techniques directly and buy online. Delivery can take up to 21 days, if your able to just go out and buy it directly.

I was so excited when they arrived. In a fuchsia envelope and wrapped in black tissue paper. Each individually packaged and when opened they are well protected from any chance of scratching.

brushes 002.jpg

The bristles themselves are soft but in a ‘firm’ cut so they actually do their job. I used these and was very happy, the 201 is brilliant. I’d highly recommend Sam and Nic’s Brushes, they are wonderful.


I am a regular reader of Pearls and Poodles. I loved the pigment eye shadows that she’d gotten and wanted to get some myself. I was a bit wary by them originally as about 5 years ago I got given a black and it was so intense/hard to blend and put me off. Silly really as they do dozens of shades.

I saw that she’d got a shade called Melon, it was pretty but I wasn’t 100% on it. I popped into MAC and looking through I found a rose gold shade that I liked so I went with that one.

Its called Tan. There is actually a dedicated Rose Gold shade but I just felt that it was a bit more on the gold side than I wanted.




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