Smear Testing

ovarian cancer cell.jpg

In the last year my family has been touched by cancer, through my wonderful cousin and my best friends Grandad.

Today I want to talk about Smear Testing; sometimes the difference between life and death. A pretty serious topic but one that I feel needs to be spoken about often. We live in a day and age where cancer testing has come on leaps and bounds, yet I feel that a massive amount of people are unaware of their options until its too late.

I watched a video by Michelle and she spoke about a friend that has recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. At such a young age, this is something that I feel strongly about as I wasn’t aware of smear testing until my letter came at the age of 25, the standard age in the UK where the test is offered free on the NHS.

Jade Goody died several years ago after finding abnormal cells after a smear, a smear that came too late and her cancer was too advanced. She left two little boys without a mother and had barely started life herself. I was really saddened by this news but was young at the time and didn’t realise the impact that it should have had.

So I’m going to ask if you’d please be willing to sign the petition to Mr Cameron to lower the age of Smear Testing in the UK to 16. This could give so many girls, women, future mothers, aunties, sisters, friends, wife’s, fiancés, girlfriends, daughters the opportunity to find anything abnormal earlier and have a better chance to fight it.

Ask yourself. What would you prefer, 16 and a chance to fight and cure it? Or nine years later, at 25, when those cells have possibly advanced to a horrible, incurable stage?

Thank you for either signing or your consideration.




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