Models Own Polishes – Initial Review

I’d been looking at the new metallic and matt polishes since they come out. I talked to a sales assistant at my local Models Own and she did loads of swatches of the metallic’s. She gave me an honest opinion and said that they weren’t as shiny as they could be but they look lovely with a top coat.

nail polish 002 (2).jpg

I picked the shade Chrome Rose and questioned if they had any matt glosses. She said they didn’t but they had a matt top coat that could mattify any gloss, happiness.

New phone 423.jpg

I’ve done a couple of quick shots of each that I bought as there was a special offer and will share my initial thoughts. I will apologise now about how sloppy the application is, as I was trying them all on I didn’t bother doing touch ups. I love pastel nail polishes but have surprisingly few in my collection.

New phone 421.jpg
Blueberry Muffin

This is a lovely soft blue, it sets perfectly with two coats.

Apple Pie

A soft mint-like green, something I’ve coveted for ages.

Chrome Cerise

A fuchsia pink shade, these go on solid with just one coat, almost unheard of with nail polishes. You can see just slightly through though if you have longer nails so you may desire a second coat.

Chrome Rose

Probably my favourite of the bunch, it really is a more rosy colour in the flesh.

Matte Top Coat

This is fantastic and was very interesting to use.

Very happy with these to date, they’re beautiful shades and I’ve worn them several times.



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