Subconscious Danger of Social Media

I had a thought at the end of last week that really threw a spanner in my inner works. I was reading my normal blogs and watching my usual YouTube subscriptions when I realised that I was subconsciously trying to emulate these women. I also realised that I’d been doing the same on personal platforms like Facebook and Instagram with friends.

Not a bad thing trying to emulate others for their strenght, their beauty, the things they have and have worked very hard for but it was making me feel bad about myself and that certain aspects of my life couldn’t compare. I felt that as I didn’t have a beautiful house or a rented flat, a new car, longer hair, a healthy figure, a Mulberry bag, high end make-up, a good diet etc that my life was some how lacking.

Which is ridiculous, these women work hard, really hard and I was feeling jealous that I didn’t have the same things. Now I know I work hard but these women are at different points in their lives and careers. It’s silly of me to try and ‘be’ them when I would be so much better off building myself up as a person and building my own life rather than looking through rose tinted glasses at theirs.

05.2015 445.jpg

I suppose that I just wanted to share this little thought as its been really quite impactful to me and I have been thinking a lot about it the few weeks.

I have done a digital detox since having this thought for 48 hours and felt better by the end of it but also cut off, like I was missing so much, where as years ago I’d never have known what others were doing every minute of the day. I did have the freedom to do some projects at home, read a physical book which I haven’t done for months and had a good clean out and re-organise.

I may start doing these 48 detox’s every other weekend to try and re-connect with the physical side of life rather than the virtual side.

Do any of you do this, have you been doing it subconsciously, would you detox, do you think its a problem?



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