Home Organising Ideas

When you live with your parents and you think I’m going to organise my house like this and we’ll have this, we’ll do this.

I thought I’d share a rough up of what ideas I have for our home, these vary from if we had a big old house to having a tiny new build (To be honest, at the moment I’d take anything!)

These are just a few of the idea’s I have and I’m just going to explain why I like each of them. All these images are from Pinterest, you can just look up organising, home organising etc and these will come up, I’m still working on how to link things.

As you’ll probably tell with several of these I’m very OCD with organisation, I have my room very similar and rigid like this. I reorganise things several times throughout the month and it really helps to calm me, I doubt I’ll be any different in our home, if anything I’ll be worse.


I really love cooking and I’m looking forward to my own pantry when we move. I know it won’t be big but it will be organised similar to this, if not I’ll invest in something similar to one of these fancy pantry cupboards. Mine will probably be a lot more colourful but I adore all the clear containers.


Wrapping paper. I adore wrapping, seriously love it. Mine is all in tall boxes, shoved to the back of my wardrobe. I can’t wait to try this as its a great idea, this way nothing gets crushed, crinkled or ripped and you don’t have to ‘dig’ anything out when you need it.


I’m not a height person, going up a ladder to the loft scares me so I’ll be sending MrGuine up there. I have a feeling if it’s clearly seasonally sectioned and kept neat, when I ask him to get a specific box then it’ll be easier than saying ‘its in the box’ when theres 30 boxes piled up there.

Official forms stress me, I’m quite paranoid about keeping them in order, my parent’s office ( I love you both!) is a mess. As I’m self employed I get a lot of important forms, need to keep my own accounts, tax returns, NI forms etc and I couldn’t live like this. I like my order, in my room everything is sectioned, highlighted, stapled, tabbed and filed.


I love this idea, it fills me with love of the possible. The kitchen in our home is the heart of the house, its where all the post goes, the newspapers, where the cooking happens, teas, daily catch ups. So I don’t think it’ll be too different in our home unless we have a horribly small kitchen which I’m dreading.


Staying on the kitchen, I love this idea. I want to do a lot more baking when we move out. Sweet treats are always popular at MrGuine’s work and I think it’ll be great for me to be creative.


You know when you have that draw, tin, sometimes even cupboard that has literally every type of stationary in but you stab yourself with pins, get ink all over your hand, blue tack sticks to everything. Yeah, I don’t want that.


Yes, underwear. Do any of you do this? I do, I’m currently using these lovely inserts from Ikea and I cannot wait to get more/new flowery ones for our house as I’ll have dozens of draws to organise!

Oh wow, I’m sad. Organise make happy! Hope that a few of you are like this too and found it helpful. (All images from Pinterest).




Eyelash Haul

I popped into Boots and they had a 3 for 2 offer, so I used this as a chance to buy some lashes in bulk.

phone 084.jpg

I thought that I went in at the deep end with Fleur and Fabulous lashes as an application novice, so I got beginnerlashes to try.


I loved the look of these as they look light come with a practise lash and have an applicator/extra glue included.


I was pleased when I found these more natural lashes in the collection.

phone 086.jpg

The individual lashes I wanted to try, I’m very impressed that these come with so many medium lengths as the long look too un-natural to me but I will try them. I was happy when buying them as the till clerk said that I had beautiful lashes and I didn’t need to worry about fake ones!

makeup 003.jpg

I also bought a new fuller coverage foundation, its called a gel formula. I haven’t tried it yet so I will share my thoughts on it when I do.


Model’s Own – Initial Thoughts

I used the Blueberry Muffin shade on Saturday as I was going to the theatre with my nieces and my sister. We were going to see Frozen and I thought the colour was apt! My youngest niece is 3, she’s feisty, loves cuddles and generally playing around. I applied two layers at about 10am, left the house at 1pm, arrived at the theatre for 3pm.

This time included lunch, driving, carrying bags, changing a toddler and getting seated. It was fun and exciting. Cue sweets, wriggling, dancing and prop using. 5pm and we headed home.

polish review 002.jpg

Post shower my nails held out OK but I wish I’d taken more time with the coats. I put two on, one thin, then a slightly gloppier top coat. I should have used a proper top coat sealer as well. I don’t think it did too bad and was overall quite happy with it. Also, they last a hell of a lot longer and through a lot more than Chanel nail polishes.

Edit – I have since used these several times and with a more careful application, including base and top coat, with thinner built up layers and they last brilliantly as seen in the feature image.


Naturally Sassy

I bought a new cook book as it had a lot of raw/vegan sweets in that didn’t require a pinch of 50 ingredients. Very basic and require anything from 3-10 and you can make them in bulk. The book I chose was – Naturally Sassy

I liked the sweet section of this book. I’m a meat eater, I have no intention of stopping or cutting out anything in my diet. However I do want to eat less processed white sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The two that I picked out for now are: Raw Chocolate Brownie Bars and Nut Butter Cups. My thoughts in regards to the ease, recipes and final product.

When I bought the cocoa I bought drops rather than powder, so I ploughed on with the drops. It said that you can change your choice of nuts, just make sure their unsalted. Can you guess the theme here? Mine are salted. My dates also had pips in them, nearly had a nicely broken blender.

I’m not going to give a step-by-step of the recipe, that’s what the books for but I wanted to give some opinions. These are all the ingredients that I used for recipe one:

phone 034.jpg

I loved this as most books have dozens and it can get very expensive. You need a food processor, I have a flimsy little one that really struggled with this. It began to get very hot but it did get the job done. My mess, I think this would have came out quite differently if I’d used the unsalted nuts and powder, it felt quite wet.

phone 035.jpg

You take a handful and flatten them out to 1cm thick portions. I found it easier to make all of it into a smooth dough and roll it out, then cut, but this may work different with the right ingredients.

phone 037.jpg

My final product, really not sure how I feel about them. They’re not even remotely as pretty as hers, I wasn’t tempted to try any whilst I was making them. I’ll let them harden and reserve my judgement until tasting.

Peanut butter cups I was much happier making.

I did have trouble getting my coconut oil out of the jar as I didn’t think to get it out earlier and it was rock solid, so a little note there. I did try the chocolate mixture for this, it does have a subtle hint of coconut but this may disappear once the elements are together.

phone 038.jpg

It says to use six normal cupcake cases but I think that much in onewould be too sickly so I used miniatures. Instructions call for leaving the bases in the freezer for five minutes, I did the dishwasher and cleaned the sides and got them out, they appeared fine.


I’ve never actually used almond butter before, when I opened the jar there was a thick layer of oil on top. I attempted to stir this in but couldn’t so I poured a lot of the oil away. Is this normal?


I was really happy with how these turned out, they were quick, easy and I’m looking forward to trying them!


I loved the little almond butter cups, gorgeous straight from the freezer. There is a subtle taste of coconut, even I as a coconut hater didn’t mind, as soon as you hit the almond butter, its heaven. The bars were a let down but I’m trying to reserve judgement as I really didn’t have all the proper ingredients.

Winner: Almond butter cups!


Fleur De Force Book Tour UK

I’ve been watching Fleur for 5+ years and she said she was releasing a book! I pre-ordered as soon as I could as I like Fleur and value her opinion as a reviewer. The result was a mature representation of Fleur herself.

Now as if this wasn’t exciting enough, she said she was touring and having book signings!

One of them was in my very own MK Central at Waterstones. So I planned with MrGuine and we arrived at 11am. I’m glad we arrived earlier as there was people queueing. We waited with a hot chocolate for about 2 hours, Fleur had brought dozens of cupcakes for us which I thought was a sweet touch.

When I got to meet her she asked for my name as she signed, how I was, how long I’d been there, thanked me so much for coming to see her and for waiting so long.

She was incredibly humble, she appeared genuinely thankful that all these people had come to see her, she happily posed with me for a photo and thanked me again for coming.

2015 phone update 1078.jpg

2015 phone update 1090.jpg

Not only did I get to meet Fleur I got to meet Mike and Piglet too, one of the most calmest puppies ever, even though she’d gotten loose in Waterstones and had a little run about beforehand. Mike was lovely, chatty, very comfortable in his own skin. I spent about 20 minutes talking to him.

2015 phone update 1082.jpg

On a side note I follow Fleur’s Instagram and she posted me as one of her favourite photos from the day.

2015 phone update 1143.jpg

It was something that I swore I would start doing, that I wouldn’t let experiences and opportunities pass me by just due to being self-conscious. I had a fantastic day and got to meet two lovely people, can’t say the same for MrGuine.

Of course I’m still an avid watcher of Fleur. If you’re into beauty, like an unbiased view (even when advertising) I recommend you check out her channel – FleurDeForce

2015 phone update 1121.jpg
My name is in my book, I have just edited it out.

Fleurs’ book is available here Amazon – FleurDeForce


Car Repair

(A project that took me outside my comfort zone as I’ve been told that I can’t do things like this, I should be careful and pay a professional.)

I bought my first non-banger car about 3.5 years ago, when my previous job relocated their head office. My little Saxo wouldn’t make the two hour journey everyday so I invested. When I first viewed it there was some slight rusting on the back panel. I didn’t think much to it at the time as I could just get it touched up. Yes, you live and you learn.

Mix in a few years + English weather and you have a very bad patch of rust. I completely forgot to take before photo’s of this, let’s just say it was large, orange and sharp. I YouTubed on how to repair rust on a car and came across one that was for deep holes in the frame of a car, I watched this out of interest but didn’t I think I would have use for this knowledge.

A trip to Halfords and I got everything I needed; sanding paper, filler, primer, paint and a gloss coat. Started sanding, its still orange, not the nice silver, sanding, that’s a hole,  that’s a really big hole, out came a knife and I started to bang away at the body work. I end up feeling sick looking at this huge hole in my car with a very novice knowledge on how to fix it BUT I was determind that I would fix it.

05.2015 207.jpg

Luckily I remembered the video I watched! Twenty-five minutes later, I’m off collecting mesh covering and harder filler. Thirty minutes later, I started to feel better.

After patching and sanding, I sprayed it with primer and the colour I thought matched the car, it didn’t match. I had a freak out but I calmed myself as I didn’t want to stress, it would be fixable.

MrGuine and I headed to our friends where he told me that I can get my paint colour matched. I just needed to find the code and take it into Halfords and they’d mix it up!

Come morning we hunted down the serial number, which we found inside the engine hood. Another trip to Halfords and I sprayed in the nice warm sunshine. Ten minutes later a random shower.

05.2015 144.jpg

I had to re-prime and spray the whole thing, thankfully the sun lasted this time and it all dried ok. Wasn’t happy by the slight over lap it left but a little sanding and it has smoothed.

I wish I could say I was good and varnished the work I had done, but alas no. I was tired and left it unvarnished, this was about six months ago and it’s still like it, I’ll get to it soon though. Promise.

05.2015 175.jpg

This project took me about 11 hours in total, not as perfect as I want it so I’ve decided to touch it up a bit more when I have the time and motivation but I don’t think I did too bad!


Rose Gold Hair

If there’s one thing that’s a massive pick me up and confidence boost, it happens with my hair. Having a background in the hair industry (6+ years), I know how much of a difference it can make. I saw a beautiful colour that the wonderful Guy Tang created on a model and I instantly fell in love with it. He called it Antique Rose and I instantly thought, YES! Go check out his YouTube, amazing work!

I’ve not done a full on inventive colour since my college days but I found a wonderful hairdresser that I feel comfortable with (no easy thing) and I spoke to her about what I eventually wanted to get to. She was so on board and said it sounded like so much fun. So we started the journey.

It took about four-five months to get me as blonde as below, then I left it about seven weeks to let my hair re-coup (and the finances) before going for the next big blonding step. Here come the glamorous shots!

phone 050.jpg

We used high lift bleach painted on.

If any of you have never had a full head of bleach on the scalp I’d say be very wary. Some people can react really horribly to it, some go into shock, blister and/or burn. Horror stories happen, if you have a good hairdresser they’ll go through all this with you.

We started by painting it all over and strand picking some places that were still darker, cue looking like a oddball for 45 minutes.

We then did an emulsion of the Fudge Medium Rose Gold 7.23 leaving that on for 45 minutes under cap and heat, I didn’t get a picture of this as the salon was really busy and I’m not comfortable with taking random selfies in public as you can probably tell from above.

My hairdresser recommended a conditioning treatment for after and doused it with almond oil to help encourage my natural oils and take care of it. Got to say it still feels like silk. A routine I will carry on at home.

I use Ojon Rare Blend Oil in Moisture Therapy and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum when caring for my hair.

It wasn’t as dark as either of us thought it would be but as soon as I stood in the daylight it looked beautiful. I am so incredibly pleased with this colour and cannot wait to show it off at all the Christmas events that I’ve got going on in December.

Sorry the photos aren’t the best, I’m hoping to get a tripod and photographer lights for Christmas to use my nice camera, for now I’m relying on my phone. (I got the tripod, from the lovely MrGuine, just working on lighting now!)

Before, during and after.

Cannot wait to see how it come out the next time, I adore it! As you can tell I get regular cuts, the blue in the before photo I had to chop off as I hadn’t bleached it properly or cared for it right, bad for an ex hairdresser. If your going to use bleach or want to lighten, I strongly recommend that you go to a professional, qualified hairdresser, for something like mine – level 3/above or lots of experience.

I go to Universal Hair Studios in Grange Farm and would highly recommend them. What do you think, have you done an overhaul to you hair? Does it make you feel better?