Car Repair

(A project that took me outside my comfort zone as I’ve been told that I can’t do things like this, I should be careful and pay a professional.)

I bought my first non-banger car about 3.5 years ago, when my previous job relocated their head office. My little Saxo wouldn’t make the two hour journey everyday so I invested. When I first viewed it there was some slight rusting on the back panel. I didn’t think much to it at the time as I could just get it touched up. Yes, you live and you learn.

Mix in a few years + English weather and you have a very bad patch of rust. I completely forgot to take before photo’s of this, let’s just say it was large, orange and sharp. I YouTubed on how to repair rust on a car and came across one that was for deep holes in the frame of a car, I watched this out of interest but didn’t I think I would have use for this knowledge.

A trip to Halfords and I got everything I needed; sanding paper, filler, primer, paint and a gloss coat. Started sanding, its still orange, not the nice silver, sanding, that’s a hole,  that’s a really big hole, out came a knife and I started to bang away at the body work. I end up feeling sick looking at this huge hole in my car with a very novice knowledge on how to fix it BUT I was determind that I would fix it.

05.2015 207.jpg

Luckily I remembered the video I watched! Twenty-five minutes later, I’m off collecting mesh covering and harder filler. Thirty minutes later, I started to feel better.

After patching and sanding, I sprayed it with primer and the colour I thought matched the car, it didn’t match. I had a freak out but I calmed myself as I didn’t want to stress, it would be fixable.

MrGuine and I headed to our friends where he told me that I can get my paint colour matched. I just needed to find the code and take it into Halfords and they’d mix it up!

Come morning we hunted down the serial number, which we found inside the engine hood. Another trip to Halfords and I sprayed in the nice warm sunshine. Ten minutes later a random shower.

05.2015 144.jpg

I had to re-prime and spray the whole thing, thankfully the sun lasted this time and it all dried ok. Wasn’t happy by the slight over lap it left but a little sanding and it has smoothed.

I wish I could say I was good and varnished the work I had done, but alas no. I was tired and left it unvarnished, this was about six months ago and it’s still like it, I’ll get to it soon though. Promise.

05.2015 175.jpg

This project took me about 11 hours in total, not as perfect as I want it so I’ve decided to touch it up a bit more when I have the time and motivation but I don’t think I did too bad!



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