Fleur De Force Book Tour UK

I’ve been watching Fleur for 5+ years and she said she was releasing a book! I pre-ordered as soon as I could as I like Fleur and value her opinion as a reviewer. The result was a mature representation of Fleur herself.

Now as if this wasn’t exciting enough, she said she was touring and having book signings!

One of them was in my very own MK Central at Waterstones. So I planned with MrGuine and we arrived at 11am. I’m glad we arrived earlier as there was people queueing. We waited with a hot chocolate for about 2 hours, Fleur had brought dozens of cupcakes for us which I thought was a sweet touch.

When I got to meet her she asked for my name as she signed, how I was, how long I’d been there, thanked me so much for coming to see her and for waiting so long.

She was incredibly humble, she appeared genuinely thankful that all these people had come to see her, she happily posed with me for a photo and thanked me again for coming.

2015 phone update 1078.jpg

2015 phone update 1090.jpg

Not only did I get to meet Fleur I got to meet Mike and Piglet too, one of the most calmest puppies ever, even though she’d gotten loose in Waterstones and had a little run about beforehand. Mike was lovely, chatty, very comfortable in his own skin. I spent about 20 minutes talking to him.

2015 phone update 1082.jpg

On a side note I follow Fleur’s Instagram and she posted me as one of her favourite photos from the day.

2015 phone update 1143.jpg

It was something that I swore I would start doing, that I wouldn’t let experiences and opportunities pass me by just due to being self-conscious. I had a fantastic day and got to meet two lovely people, can’t say the same for MrGuine.

Of course I’m still an avid watcher of Fleur. If you’re into beauty, like an unbiased view (even when advertising) I recommend you check out her channel – FleurDeForce

2015 phone update 1121.jpg
My name is in my book, I have just edited it out.

Fleurs’ book is available here Amazon – FleurDeForce



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