Model’s Own – Initial Thoughts

I used the Blueberry Muffin shade on Saturday as I was going to the theatre with my nieces and my sister. We were going to see Frozen and I thought the colour was apt! My youngest niece is 3, she’s feisty, loves cuddles and generally playing around. I applied two layers at about 10am, left the house at 1pm, arrived at the theatre for 3pm.

This time included lunch, driving, carrying bags, changing a toddler and getting seated. It was fun and exciting. Cue sweets, wriggling, dancing and prop using. 5pm and we headed home.

polish review 002.jpg

Post shower my nails held out OK but I wish I’d taken more time with the coats. I put two on, one thin, then a slightly gloppier top coat. I should have used a proper top coat sealer as well. I don’t think it did too bad and was overall quite happy with it. Also, they last a hell of a lot longer and through a lot more than Chanel nail polishes.

Edit – I have since used these several times and with a more careful application, including base and top coat, with thinner built up layers and they last brilliantly as seen in the feature image.


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