Spa Weekend

We went for an overnight stay to a spa and things were a little bit hectic in pulling the final things together as the celebration was for:

My sisters 30th. My cousins 18th. A friends 21st

So we had much to celebrate, we’d booked this months in advance. Paired up for luxury double rooms, booked treatments online and a restaurant for the evening. The night before one of us had to pull out due to a hectic house move and an upset little bubba. So we asked round a few friends, at 10pm and my aunties friend was able to fill the place.

My sister and I left home at 9am, Mum went a bit later as she was sorting out cakes for the restaurant. We stopped off at McDonald’s to be lazy and have breakfast, one egg sausage muffin and hash brown later and we were off!

We arrived at the Spa at about 10:15am, Sister was feeling a little rushed as she had a treatment at 11am. I said it would be fine, it was lovely when we were here last time.

We check in, get our wristbands, Sister buys some slippers and we headed off to the changing room for robes, a towel and to change. Sister began changing while I looked for robes. Apparently there is a robe/towel in every locker, was there heck, I looked in both changing rooms and about 40 lockers, all were gone. Eventually I found one and rushed it to her so she could leave and have her treatment.

spa and dinner 1828.JPG

(Sorry for the blur, nothing more awkward than getting a camera out in a changing room!)

I headed to the hotel reception and found the rest of our party and after chatting for a while I checked in, I was told my room wouldn’t be available until 4pm(?!) but I could leave my bag on the unattended bell hop and it would be taken to my room, this was about 11:30am, the room wouldn’t be free until 4pm, would it stay there all day?! We sat and waited for another hour for the last member of our party, my bag still on the unattended trolley, we decided to take our bags to the spa.

We got everyone else’s wristbands, our spa packages and headed to the locker room; for another robe hunt! I ended up being given one by another guest as she’d bough her own. It took 20 minutes to find one for everyone else, despite asking at reception and the lady disappearing and never coming back.

Alas, we got to the pool and started to try chilling out. Only for us to open our packages and encounter more problems. My aunty didn’t have two of her treatments listed, her friend had none and one of mine was at the wrong time.

So us three headed to the reception (again) to sort them. My aunties was fine, they added hers, her friend booked a facial and I spoke to her about my timing error. It was in for 5pm but I had booking confirmation for 4pm, I didn’t care which time it was I just didn’t want to miss it.

She said she’d have a look for me, lo and behold, its not booked in at all. I sent my aunty and her friend back while I waited for the girl to check with the spa, 30 minutes later, I’m approached by another girl and asked to come back and check in a little while…?!

I had my first treatment in about 30 minutes and I was already horribly stressed. Thankfully the treatment was beautiful, I had a full body massage and it was glorious!

spa and dinner 1832


We stopped off by the pool for lunch on the decking area, by the automatic doors. We all ordered  snacks and some drinks. Once we were given the cold drinks and snacks we were told the coffee’s would be brought to us. I asked if we could go through the auto doors as our table was the other side only to be told ‘no, we had to walk around’. So we struggled to open the locked door with our wristbands, walked through the changing room corridor, through the pool area, across the dripping wet floor and up the stairs to our table; all dodging people with hands full of plates, knives and glasses!

We ate, it was lovely food and waited for the others coffees, about 5 minutes later I pointed out that they were on the bar and shouldn’t be long. Another 20 minutes later(!) and they brought them straight through the automatic doors to us. So luke warm coffee it was.

My second treatment was booked when I checked, I was having a Glow Facial, again, wonderful treatment, couldn’t fault it.

spa and dinner 1835

Thankfully we went out for dinner and this was fantastic. We stopped off at a place called the Fox and Hounds, it was beautiful. Very lovely staff, fantastic food and one of them restaurants that you can sit in and they don’t rush you out. I had the steak and shrimp, I told MrGuine we’d be going there for our anniversary(!), Sticky Toffee Pudding was next and it was lovely, too rich to finish but YUM!

spa and dinner 1836

The rooms were lovely, they were clean and to a high standard with a nice sized TV, however they were incredibly hot, this must be a common complaint as a large floor fan was provided in the room. I ended up getting a pretty decent six hours though which is about average for me!

We went down for breakfast in the morning this was included in the overnight package, however they’d left one of our party off the list entirely. I was getting really aggravated by this point, a manager overheard us asking why her name wasn’t on the list. She said it wasn’t a problem and got us a table together within five minutes, the food was lovely, a really good breakfast selection and you could go up as many times as you wanted.

My aunty and cousin were getting a treatment done in the morning, my sister and I really liked the sound of this and went to see about getting a locker and getting a full body massage each booked. However we were told that it would cost us another £29 to use the experience rooms but we could go to the leisure area and use the pool until 11am, it was already 10am. So we decided not to bother using the spa area and asked when we could book treatments from, they asked us to return at 10:30am as this is when they will be available from.

So we went up, packed our things, checked out and put them in the car. We got back and sat in the bar until 10:30am, when the time rolled round we went back to the reception and asked to book a treatment, only to be told she wasn’t in yet could we come back at 11/11:10am!

Lets just say we didn’t, we left and upon returning home I sent in a letter of complaint.

This is something that I have never, ever done.

I felt really strongly about this though, for the nine of us, to stay overnight and have treatments we spent nearly £2000. Myself alone, I spent £300 and I was appalled by how badly this facility was run and how upset I left. I’ve stated in the email that I didn’t want anything from them but I wouldn’t be returning and I wouldn’t recommend them.

I’m still waiting for their response so I’ll keep you posted on that.



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