Afternoon Tea – At Home!

We recently had an at home Afternoon Tea, provided by Julie of Jules for my sisters 30th.

Jules Afternoon Tea 015

This was done the week that my sister returned from Egypt, she went to the same hotel that MrGuine and I went to on our recommendation that it was as lovely as she thought it would be!

Anyway, Julie comes to your own home and provides you with an afternoon tea service (UK only and I’m not sure of her mile radius, will check!), she does things such as baby showers, birthdays, children’s tea (very popular) etc too.

She brings all the crockery, the cakes, the cake stands, the cutlery, the tea, the milk, tea pots etc. You just need to provide the hot water. It was so much fun, made even nicer by it being in the comfort of our own home. We had 10 adults and four children join us, including Julie herself.

She provided a beautiful delight of cakes, fresh cream and jam scones, finger sandwiches and teas (she doesn’t typically bring coffee so if you have a coffee drinker you may want to mention this).

The truffles have alcohol in them, so be wary of sneaky children with sticky fingers! Don’t think it would cause any harm and the majority of alcohol is burned off when baking but it can be badly received by some.

Jules Afternoon Tea 019

My auntie has recently been diagnosed as diabetic and had to massively limit her intake of sugars, she was going partially blind and had been having problems with her hands and feet. So we spoken to Julie and she made her a number of diabetic safe options and also bought alone cheese scones, cream cheese and a cheese board. This was very well received by several of the guests and thoroughly enjoyed.

We opted for the Champagne upgrade and it was very much enjoyed by the ladies. I had a sip for the toast before passing along my glass to my sister as I don’t like to drink alcohol.

Jules Afternoon Tea 032

Altogether it was a fantastic day and we were occupied for 2 and a half hours. Everyone appeared to love it and were each very happy.

You can find Jules Afternoon Tea on Facebook.



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