Summer Shoes Wish List

Summer shoes Wishlist

Lipsy Bevan Tan Ghillie Lace Up Calf Heeled Sandals£75.00

Kendall & Kylie Aries Nappa Leather Fine Fringed Heeled Sandals£96.99

JuJu Christabel Cut Out Jelly Flat Shoes – £10.00

ASOS PHRASE Pointed High Heels£38.00

Lacoste Marthe Slip On Plimsoll Trainers£47.00

I may or may not have caved and bought the Jelly Flats as their currenlty on sale, you’ll just have to wait and see!




My Reach for Make-Up Collection

I’ve seen several insane make up collections on YouTube, some beautifully stored, some that I didn’t think much to and some that just looked like pure chaos. Then I realised that there was no rhyme or reason to my make up storage but everything was neat, clean and in-date.

So I’ve decided to share my little collection with you all!

I have my large items, that are used regularly stored on a shelf of my bookcase. They’re pretty to look at, things that I’m proud of and reach for to often to store away.


My brush collection, hair bands and Kirby grips sit on the bottom shelf of my desk.


My second shelf is full of my ‘everyday’ make-up, this is stuff that I reach for constantly and never want to be too far.


My top shelf is generally skin care, these are creams/serums/moisturizers that I use nightly and in the morning.


On a shelf in the back of my room I have my more special, don’t use too often but like to have make-up.

What’s in your reach for make-up collection?


Afternoon Tea – The Park Lane Hotel London

I was luckily invited along by my sister to join her for afternoon tea in London.

She was bought a voucher for Christmas but trying to get a free weekend with her husband was proving difficult. So she discussed it and asked if I’d like to join her instead, as she knew how much I liked going for tea.

Of course I said yes!

So we arranged when to go, booked, her lovely husband bought our train tickets on his way home from work and we set out on Saturday morning. We caught a Virgin train from our city centre of Milton Keynes, 35 minutes later we were at London, Euston.

We’d never really used the tube as when she visits London her hubby sorts it and when I visit London, its normally to see one of my besties and she navigates for us as a Londoner. But we tackled it well and managed to get the right tube to Green Park (yes not very far) without having to ask for help or get lost. I’m considering it an accomplishment.

We had arrived with time to spare as we’re both paranoid about being late to anything, good job we did as sadly I came ‘on’, we looked up a Boots, which we located easily, feminine hygiene products bought we set off to The Park Lane Hotel.

You are escorted by the doorman through a lavish foyer to The Palm Court High Tea Room. We checked in, handed over our voucher and were directed to a reserved table, after ordering a blackcurrant and hibiscus tea (highly recommend) I made an emergency trip to the rest room, a lady decided that she didn’t want to lock the door so after opening the stall on her I moved along to the next one, believe it or not the same thing would happen later in Pret with a man!

There was a wonderful harp player, who played current, to Moulin Rouge, to Disney, she was brilliant, we were sever several sandwiches, had a small break in between before moving onto the sweet course.

It was a nice calm visit, you don’t feel rushed, I suggest going hungry as they really do like to feed you up!

Today I am updating the blog, cuddling a hot water bottle and eating my weight in chocolate.

What have you done this weekend?

On a side note I sadly wouldn’t recommend Park Lane at the current time for afternoon tea. The staff were lovely but the food/room was a let down from my last visit.


Reading Recommendation – 2

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.

Doctor Sleep

I of course know the gory, glory that is Stephen King. I’ve watched several films based on his books but never read any. Slap on the wrist, I know. I had read somewhere before that Mr King hated some of the adaptations of his books and now I truly understand why.

I’ve always wondered what happened after The Shining and I saw years later that he’d written Doctor Sleep. I was very excited for this as I wanted to know how Danny adapted and evolved as an adult with his gift.

What a book! This was incredibly gripping, the imagery he creates in your mind is just immense, it was a real twister of a book that generally just shoves you straight in and you hang on for the ride. There are side stories wrapped in the main story that by the end all link in so exceptionally well together you don’t quite get the time to theorise how it will end.


Since reading this I’ve been out and bought several of Stephen Kings books, one of which is The Shining that I am half way through. I can see why he complained about the film, there are several layers to each of the characters, especially Jack, that the film just doesn’t bother to portray.

Just to let you know the paper back is a steal on Amazon at the moment, linked above. I personally invested in the hardback but I just prefer the quality of them as I re-read my books a lot!


Colour Re-do


As some of you know I dyed my hair from a dark blonde to a dark brown with a splash of creative colours.

Now I hand on heart admitted that I did the blue incorrectly and I believe thats why its faded so quickly. Bear in mind I have very thick hair and I was it twice a week (yeah gross for some, I do still bathe!) but it just doesnt get greasy fast.

Aside from that though the brown and the pink I did as stated. I feel that they’ve held out well considering my hair was quite porous and the ends a bit damaged, the new hair has held onto the colour very well!

I’ve re-done the colours and decided to try Purple Punk and a Chocolate Brown this time. I thought the purple would compliment the pink and I’m hoping that the warmer brown will knock out a bit of the ash tone.


Items above are what I’d typically use for doing this kind of thing.

I started with the darker colour, as you need the hair to be wet for the creative colour to take this seemed to be the easier way to do it, trial and error.

I applied the chocolate brown on the top, wrapped with cling film, clipped the middle section up, wrapped with cling film and dyed the botton half. I smother my neck, face, shoulders and the top of my back with vasaline, great barrier.

I’ve let it develop and rinsed out. I shampooed my hair once, gently, the less tangle the better.Once completed I gently combed through. Appling a leave in conditioned to the brown top section, then wrapped. A nice little treat for the hair and it creates a barrier.

After this I applied the pink to the damp, towel dried hair. I use a whole tube  and made sure that I rubbed it into the ends really thoroughly! Sectioned off and wrapped, repeated the process with the purple, then wrapped. I applied conditioner to the bottom section also, can’t leave it out.

I left it to develop for 45 minutes this time. I rinsed and left a conditioning treatment on it for an hour, great to help seal in the colour and also to give the hair some much needed care. I simply applied my styling products, heat protector and styled as normal.


Really happy with how its turned out this time, lets home that colour holds well!


Review – Bourjois City Radiance

I bought Bourjois City Radiance on the off-chance that it would work well with my skin. I’d heard some negative and mixed reviews online but wanted to give it a try as it’s supposed to be a radiance booster. I’d also like to point out that I find this very light coverage for a foundation.


To me I thought this would mean a moisturizing glow. Sadly after nearly a few months of solo testing I find myself let down by it. As you know I suffer from very dry skin but I didn’t expect this to cling or settle so badly. It seemed to leach out my hard-worked for moisture and settled into every crack and dry patch I have. It left creases in my eyelids, gathered in my fine lines and when I tried to blend it seemed to roll off, if that makes sense?


Creasing build up

It hasn’t seemed to matter if I’ve cleansed, moisturizing, primed or not, applied by brush, blender or finger. If I bake or don’t. Once settled I find it very difficult to work with and sadly don’t feel comfortable in it when I got out. This is a thumbs down for me, I still have half a tube left which I won’t be using.

I grabbed a stick of Rimmel Hide The Blemish when I was staying at MrGUINES, we were going out and I’d forgotten mine. It worked ok on the spot, was enough for what I needed at the time, but with more use, as my solo concealer, again its been a disappointment.

I find it quite thick and clingy. Not always a bad thing with a concealer but I found it hard to blend, its not something I’d recommend layering either. This settled very badly on my under eye, on any dry patches, around spots and around my nose. So again this is another thumbs down for me.

If you have very dry skin like mine I recommend trying something different.


* A small disclaimer, I am not laying hate on these brands. I use other products from them with great success but sadly this time it didn’t work out. These may work great if you have oily skin so maybe give them a go!