I’ve talked myself into getting back into my hobbies this year and have been heavily trying to accommodate them into my recreational time. This includes painting my nails, colouring, baking, cooking and drawing with charcoal.

I’ve started to try and bake with things that are much ‘rawer’ and healthier. I’m human, I crave things occasionally and my willpower wilts occasionally. For when this happens I like to pick up something that I know will be better for me than highly processed things. Hence incorporating this into my baking/cooking hobby.

k 330

I’ve always had a massive passion for nail art, this dwindled for a time as I was hairdressing, my nails and hands were always dry and damaged with brittle weak nails. Since I’ve changed careers, at one point I was a receptionist for nearly 2 years, image was important and I relished having strong healthy nails back and have taken advantage of that, restarting my soothing hobby of nail art!

Harley Quinn and Spring Flowers 015

I love coloring its something I love to do when I have spare time as I find that my mind will think subconsciously while I just chill out and let my hands take over. This is massively therapeutic to me. My family and friends lovingly took advantage of this at christmas and bought me ‘colouring for grown ups’.


Anime/Manga drawing. This was a massive passion when I was younger and something that I did for years, I’d draw my own stories and keep them to myself. I still write fanfictions but the art work is something that I’ve only taken up again very recently.



Charcoal. My muse and my Achilles heal. I adore this medium and try to use it as often as I can. I’m no where at the level I’d like to be but I’m becoming more comfortable showing people and I believe that they are getting a bit more recognisable as to who their supposed to be. However I’ll carry on with this again in privacy and show it again when I feel I’ve advance more.


What are your hobbies, how do you relax and let go in your spare time?



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