Reading Recommendation – 1

I adore to read. This is something I generally lose days doing, not hours but days, weeks, months!

I have amassed quite a collection of books. I wouldn’t say I have a type, if the synopsis is good and catches my attention I’ll buy it. I have a kindle and read a massive amount of original works online but there’s nothing quite like making a cup of tea, picking a good book and sitting on the swing seat in the garden on a sunny day.

I’ve recently just read, The Unmumsy Mum.


Now this book probably isn’t for everyone, it’s very tongue in cheek, with some ladish humour but I found it really fun as it appealed to my dry humor. It’s condensed a lot of my worries of becoming a parent into a great book that has made me less afraid of tackling motherhood.

unmumsy you

I highly suggest reading it if you are struggling with being a mum but don’t want to tell anyone incase you feel that you’ll be admitting your not cut out for it (you are cut out for it, things generally happen in phases, you can only take so much at a time and you’ll get through it!).

I have downloaded the second blue book, which is free on Kindle only. I will add in a little on this when I’ve gotten round to reading it! Which will probably be soon.


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