My Town


We have a very large cineworld in our town centre. This has the options of 2D, 3D and 4DX. There’s also a popcorn, hotdog and nacho stand. A loose sweet section and a Starbucks. I love going here so much that my parent’s gifted my partner and I an ulimited card each for Christmas. This was also where I experience my first 4DX film, Age of Ultron, and I loved the experience.

Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Queen''S Court, 24  Silbury Arcade, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Architect:  Allies And Morrison 2010 Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Queen'S Court Allies & Morrison 2010 Milton Keynes United Kingdom E

The shopping centre is very large and has pretty much everything that you need. It’s got high-end such as Micheal Kors down to things like H&M. Shops for everything that you could need so you really can go to just one place for everything, very convenient.


The Milton Keynes Theatre is somewhere that I go several times a year, there is nothing quite like seeing a live performance and I for one love catching a show, from fun things such as CATS to more dramatic things like Dirty Dancing and the real laugh of the Full Monty. Great night out!

13/05/15 mk leisure - various, milton keynes

We have a few different lakes in Milton Keynes, however my favorite is Willen Lake. This has a glorious large lake to wonder around, a pub/restaurant, a park, a climbing frame and is beautifully packed with extra’s in the summer months.

Do you have specific places in your own home towns/city’s that you love to do? Link me your favorite places!




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