Review – Bourjois City Radiance

I bought Bourjois City Radiance on the off-chance that it would work well with my skin. I’d heard some negative and mixed reviews online but wanted to give it a try as it’s supposed to be a radiance booster. I’d also like to point out that I find this very light coverage for a foundation.


To me I thought this would mean a moisturizing glow. Sadly after nearly a few months of solo testing I find myself let down by it. As you know I suffer from very dry skin but I didn’t expect this to cling or settle so badly. It seemed to leach out my hard-worked for moisture and settled into every crack and dry patch I have. It left creases in my eyelids, gathered in my fine lines and when I tried to blend it seemed to roll off, if that makes sense?


Creasing build up

It hasn’t seemed to matter if I’ve cleansed, moisturizing, primed or not, applied by brush, blender or finger. If I bake or don’t. Once settled I find it very difficult to work with and sadly don’t feel comfortable in it when I got out. This is a thumbs down for me, I still have half a tube left which I won’t be using.

I grabbed a stick of Rimmel Hide The Blemish when I was staying at MrGUINES, we were going out and I’d forgotten mine. It worked ok on the spot, was enough for what I needed at the time, but with more use, as my solo concealer, again its been a disappointment.

I find it quite thick and clingy. Not always a bad thing with a concealer but I found it hard to blend, its not something I’d recommend layering either. This settled very badly on my under eye, on any dry patches, around spots and around my nose. So again this is another thumbs down for me.

If you have very dry skin like mine I recommend trying something different.


* A small disclaimer, I am not laying hate on these brands. I use other products from them with great success but sadly this time it didn’t work out. These may work great if you have oily skin so maybe give them a go!

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