Colour Re-do


As some of you know I dyed my hair from a dark blonde to a dark brown with a splash of creative colours.

Now I hand on heart admitted that I did the blue incorrectly and I believe thats why its faded so quickly. Bear in mind I have very thick hair and I was it twice a week (yeah gross for some, I do still bathe!) but it just doesnt get greasy fast.

Aside from that though the brown and the pink I did as stated. I feel that they’ve held out well considering my hair was quite porous and the ends a bit damaged, the new hair has held onto the colour very well!

I’ve re-done the colours and decided to try Purple Punk and a Chocolate Brown this time. I thought the purple would compliment the pink and I’m hoping that the warmer brown will knock out a bit of the ash tone.


Items above are what I’d typically use for doing this kind of thing.

I started with the darker colour, as you need the hair to be wet for the creative colour to take this seemed to be the easier way to do it, trial and error.

I applied the chocolate brown on the top, wrapped with cling film, clipped the middle section up, wrapped with cling film and dyed the botton half. I smother my neck, face, shoulders and the top of my back with vasaline, great barrier.

I’ve let it develop and rinsed out. I shampooed my hair once, gently, the less tangle the better.Once completed I gently combed through. Appling a leave in conditioned to the brown top section, then wrapped. A nice little treat for the hair and it creates a barrier.

After this I applied the pink to the damp, towel dried hair. I use a whole tube  and made sure that I rubbed it into the ends really thoroughly! Sectioned off and wrapped, repeated the process with the purple, then wrapped. I applied conditioner to the bottom section also, can’t leave it out.

I left it to develop for 45 minutes this time. I rinsed and left a conditioning treatment on it for an hour, great to help seal in the colour and also to give the hair some much needed care. I simply applied my styling products, heat protector and styled as normal.


Really happy with how its turned out this time, lets home that colour holds well!



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