My Reach for Make-Up Collection

I’ve seen several insane make up collections on YouTube, some beautifully stored, some that I didn’t think much to and some that just looked like pure chaos. Then I realised that there was no rhyme or reason to my make up storage but everything was neat, clean and in-date.

So I’ve decided to share my little collection with you all!

I have my large items, that are used regularly stored on a shelf of my bookcase. They’re pretty to look at, things that I’m proud of and reach for to often to store away.


My brush collection, hair bands and Kirby grips sit on the bottom shelf of my desk.


My second shelf is full of my ‘everyday’ make-up, this is stuff that I reach for constantly and never want to be too far.


My top shelf is generally skin care, these are creams/serums/moisturizers that I use nightly and in the morning.


On a shelf in the back of my room I have my more special, don’t use too often but like to have make-up.

What’s in your reach for make-up collection?


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