Rosie for Autograph Inspired Look

I started with clean bare skin. I made sure that I had moisturized well and that I had my balm on my lips for later on.

Bare Face 2.JPG
Bare Faced

I started off with applying the Amazing Radiance Cream. I’m enjoying the gentle, smooth glow that this gives you.

With Radiance Cream 2.JPG
With Radiance Cream

Next – foundation/concealer, which smoothed over lovely. I applied a light layer of eyeshadow after I felt my foundation had set.

With foundation 2.JPG
With Foundation and eye base

After this I cracked out the beautiful Magic Contour bronzer. Words cannot describe how much I fell in love with this buttery, soft powder. I have very pale skin so its hard to find a bronzer/contour powder that doesn’t make me look like I’ve smeared mud on my face. My Burberry Bronzer is very loved but even that can be slightly strong and need toning down.

With contour.JPG
With Contour

No such problem with this one, it blended flawlessly.

Then pulled out the Insta-Glow Bronze, swirled my brush in the beautiful rose pattern and swiped over my cheekbones, brow bone, down my nose and on my cupids bow.

With bronze insta glow.JPG
With Insta-Glow Bronze

Voila – a Rosie inspired look.

Would you like to add something to your collection? I’d highly recommend this line.



Michael Kors – Birthday Treat

It was my birthday on May 23rd. Yay me, another year done. Boo, getting too close to 30 now! I digress.

I was out enjoying the lovely spa trip and treatment that Mr Guine got me, I thought while in town I’d grab some presents for a few friends. While walking back towards the parking area I looked at the lovely new Michael Kors store that’s opened in Milton Keynes.

I wanted to get a card holder. I rarely use a bag and my beautiful Ted Baker purse was taking a battering due to being in constant use.

michael kors 002

I haven’t splashed out on myself in a long time, probably my last birthday and it felt like all my money was going towards a house deposit. So I thought stuff it, I’m going to go in and have a look.

michael kors 018

Baring in mind, I have no make up on, oily hair from my spa treatment and I’m in jeans and tank top. The sales assistant was lovely, there was absolutely no judgement (which can happen in these places, lets be honest) she happily located the holders, pulled out well over 10 colours, let me handle and properly look at them. I loved this and it made me even happier to purchase.

michael kors 021

So I paid, she bagged, wished me a lovely weekend and I’m the owner of a gorgeous new card holder.

michael kors 019

Happy Birthday to me!

*Side note, all the links that I found to this holder had a high mark up on them around £20 on each site. I paid £40 in the Michael Kors store directly, so I recommend if you want one and have a store near you buy from them.


Rosie for Autograph

I have been dying to get my hands on this collection, sadly my local M&S doesn’t stock it and I had no need to make a trip into town. Luckily I have my brother and best friends birthdays coming up so I tried the big store while shopping for their present’s and they stocked it!

I treated myself to a few items from Rosie’s collection.

Rosie for Autograph 001

Amazing Radiance Cream £18.00, Ruth from A Model Recommends used this in a video and I loved the result that she had.

I had wanted one of the eyeshadow pallets but the one I liked ‘I Feel Like A Million Dollars’ was currently out of stock in store so I couldn’t pick one up, my bank account thanks the store!

Rosie for Autograph 015

Insta-Glow Bronze £20.00, this simply looked too beautiful to pass up. It has a pearlecent glow throughout it and looked glorious when I swatched it in store.

Rosie for Autograph 020

Magic Contour Bronzer £18.00, I loved that this contour was such a light colour. I’m very pale and my foundation colour is generally Ivory. I am a dedicated lover of my Burberry bronzer and recently just hit pan on it, as much as I loved it I was happy to give something a little cheaper a go. Lets see if I love it as much.

Also rose gold packaging, Rosie’s onto a winner there. I will be doing a whole make up look with these and will post an in-depth review of textures, pay-off and durability for you! (Any excuse.)

Have you tried the collection? What was your favourite piece?


Bath Series – A little Tourism

Hen do 505

We got to have a quick look around as I mentioned in my previous post. Bath really reminded me of old England, with its quaint cobble stones, slate and large light bricks. We only got to taste a little and it really was enough to whet my appetite.

Hen do 499

I’d highly recommend Bath (if you can’t tell by this series) and I’d encourage you to go explore it, I’m hoping in the next year that I’ll be able to share more of it with you all!

Hen do 503


Bath Series – Pump Room

Our final trip during the Hen Do weekend was a bit of tourism and afternoon tea. We had a look round at the lovely shopping streets, the river and at the buildings. Bath really is a stunning place and I’d love to go again to hike and take in the sites.

We went to the Pump Room for our afternoon tea which is a grand room, with lots of tables, live music, chandeliers and very old paintings. This is how an afternoon tea should be done, unlike my last one!

We were seated by a waiter who was very good at his job. We each ordered the standard afternoon tea, I had a drink called Totally Minted with mine as it was a very hot day but there really was dozens of tea options.

We chatted for a little bit before a lovely platter was brought out with enough of everything for one each. We shared between three.


The sandwiches were delicate and fluffy, the fish souffle pot with the toast was stunning, I wasn’t a fan of the savoury scones but I never am.


The scones were fantastic, a plain and a raisin with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I’m not a huge fan of clotted cream but this one was surprisingly nice!


I love, LOVE fresh cream strawberry tarts and this one had crushed hazelnuts which made it even more amazing. The glazed profiterole was filled with a tart strawberry/raspberry cream, nice but very strong, I didn’t have the chocolate one but was told it was quite similar to tiramisu. The little macaroons were very well done, I pinched the green one.

It was £22.50, well, well worth the money and I highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area!


Bath Series – Bath Spa

We stopped off at Bath Thermae Spa while on the hen do. I felt it was a bit pricey £37.00 for 2 hours. The nice thing though was that getting changed either end of the trip didn’t cut into that time, you were given, I think, 30 minutes either end.

I loved the changing rooms, they had strong magnetic changing cubes, with a bench, hook and a large mirror. I enjoyed these before and after as they felt very private to change in. Their showers are very limited and lacklustre in pressure but their provided hair dryers are quite good.


The rooftop pool is well worth a visit, I highly recommend taking sunglasses as it does get bright up there in nice weather. The little jacuzzi side is lovely but its nice to just bob about in. It does get quite crowded but never at any point did I feel there wasn’t space.

Steam rooms

I adored the steam rooms, these were scented which I’d never experienced before. My favourites were the Eucalyptus, the lemon-grass and ginger, and the sandalwood. I would highly recommend having a go in these.


I didn’t enjoy the Minerva Bath very much but I feel this was due to the current running around the pool. It made me feel quite sick. On a side note it was warm, nice water and the area clean and welcoming.

I would recommend going to the spa but maybe try during the weekday’s to catch a quieter time.


Jelly Shoes

I remember being a child in the 90’s and all the rage was jelly shoes. Now this obsession has never really left me and it took me a while as an adult to work up the courage to buy some. Ridiculous really as it’s just a pair of shoes right? But you know judgement and all.

However when making a Wish List I saw these gorgeous soft lilac ones on Asos, not only were they made for adults, in my size but they were on sale too! They were throwing themselves at me.

So you know what? I bought them!


They are really lovely to wear and the size (I’m a UK3) Fit to a T. Soft round the edges, secure along the back, I’ve had no blisters while ‘breaking them in’ and they are very comfortable. The feel of the ‘heel’ is non-existent, its like walking on flats, super comfy.

The only downside is when your feet swell slightly in the heat they feel a little tight along the small toe side but this is easily ignored.


They are still available and on sale but in limited sizes, they come in lilac, black and white.