Resonating Articles

I read an article recently by Nicole Mowbray, she spoke about the ‘gateway’ buys. These are the first large purchases you make that change you purchasing habits, normally, for life. She spoke about what her first splurge was and it got me thinking about mine. Way back in the day when I was about 16 and I had my first full time job.

I’d been paid my first wage and I was over the moon, I had never, never had this much money. I wondered what to do with it, because amazingly my first instinct was not to just spend it all. That’s when my work ‘friends’ influence reared its head.

Their recommendation was that I spend it, I should go out and buy something big and make that first pay packet memorable. I know that I could of used self control and said no, I wanted to save it or lied and said ‘yeah, I spent it all.’

But you know hindsight is a bitch for a reason, I was 16 and impressionable.


I got the bus up to the city and wondered round, by myself. I ended up in Boots, the big beauty and health store, I strolled round all the make up I usually bought. Typical things like the Dream matte mousse foundation and Make Up collection eyeliners. I didn’t think of these as treats they were simply what I was already using and had been using since I was 13 when I first got into make-up.

So I was stood, indecisive about whether I should bother.

Making my way out I walked passed the Benefit counter and a life long love of make up and beauty was born. I spoke to the assistant and she ran me through a whole list of products. I vividly remember being in awe of the High Beam Highlighter, the first time I’d heard of such a thing; and their, an adoration for Bad Gal eyeliner was born.


The assistant was lovely, she did a whole make over for me and at the end I think she loved me as I’d just seriously bumped her commission up, can you guess why? I bought every single product she used on me. That came to roughly £150.

I think this was the time that my ‘splurging gateway’ opened. Since then I don’t think that I’ve ever curbed my spending. It has always just escalated until it reached the plateau that it was last year before more serious things came about such as wedding and house deposits.

benefit highbeam

I believe its possible to change your gateway and control this urge, you just have to think, whats more important. Something that will last a few weeks/months or something that could potentionally last decades? I’ve answered this question for myself in the last 10 months.

What was your gateway buy?


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