Guild Wars 2 – Heart of Thorns – Initial Reaction

Now I don’t think I’ve mention before in any posts that I’m an avid gamer. This ranges from Xbox, PS4, Wii, Nintendo and my old favourite the computer.

My current fix is Guild Wars 2, I’m what I’d consider somewhat of a veteran player. I have 11 characters, all level 80, two with map completion, 8.1K AP points, a wolf rank and two legendaries. I’ve dabbled in WvW, PvP and PvE.


(These were taken when I first made my legendaries, my main no longer looks like this and the ‘real’ staff is actually on my elementatlist.)

PvE is currently my favourite place to be and I’m trying to expand on my knowledge and playing style.

I  have 3 pieces of ascended armour on my main, I have each recipe but currently farming ingredients, not my favourite things to do hence the delay.

My two main characters have a legendary each and full ascended trinkets. I have been debating getting ascended armour on my Ele as she is only light and the stat improvement doesn’t seem worth it, however it is a goal to have them all in full ascended.

I am fantastic in a group but have yet to master solo dungeoning. It’s on my list of things to accomplish and I’m determined to do it.

A while ago they introduced the Living Story, I completed this. Thought it was interesting but didn’t give much thought into it. I was heavy into PvP at the time and it wasn’t a priority. Then they dropped the nugget on an expansion.


All hell broke loose. There was long debates, rants, out right boycotting and people just generally lost their s*it.

I for one was happy for the expansion, it offered a lot of new and interesting things to do, especially gliding which I really enjoyed when I played the first BETA.

However, as more news came out about the expansion there was one thing I wasn’t happy to hear about, that was F2P,  if you’re not ‘down’ with the game lingo is Free to Play.

They had released the first GW2 as F2P, this caused a lot of outcry from the veterans who’d been playing since release, it was unfair. Many people were getting a £40 game for free and the veterans compensation in my opinion was a very lack lustre outfit.

We were told this was a labour of love and yes it may have been but you know what, I don’t care. I’ve pumped a lot too much real money into this game and I’m not happy about this new F2P rubbish.

I digress, at the moment I’m having a little trouble deciding what package of the expansion to get.

As you can see the prices and the content differs quite a lot. Its being released on September 23rd 2015 (since released and played. This will make sense and my post series develops). I can’t afford any of these options this month but I know that I’ll want to get it as all my ‘online’ friends will be playing and talking about it. Obviously I really like the look of the of the ultimate due to the Gems, the Hall Decoration and the Glider skin.

I have played the original GW2 for nearly 2K hours though so I definitely think it’s a worthwhile investment. Mr Guine isn’t too bothered by the pricing of games as we don’t go out a lot anymore, I will play it for hours and he see’s them as investments that you can use again and again. I’m still debating though.

So I may well go for the ultimate but we’ll see next month. Any Guild Wars 2 fans out there? What are you getting or what have you gotten?



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