Bath Series -Norton House

I recently went to Bath, United Kingdom for a Hen Do. I’ve never experience the beauty of Bath but after this visit I will be going back again!

We stayed at the stunning Norton House which comfortably housed 12 of us. It was surrounded by private gardens, which has a tennis court, a hot tub and a built-in trampoline.

We stayed for two days and one night. Pretty pricey but not bad if it’s a large group of you.

The house its self was beautiful valued at around £2,000,000 I think. While the master bedroom and en suite were lovely, I felt that the other rooms weren’t as beautiful. You could tell the house was old and it could use a bit of restoration work but as it’s a holiday home I don’t think its much of a concern to them.

Aside from this the downstairs was lovely, this kitchen was a dream and although we didn’t get to use all the facilities if we’d stayed for longer it would have been lovely to take advantage of it all.

I’d highly recommend Norton House, stunning location, beautiful grounds, good facilities and overall enough of a luxury feel to give you the relaxed on holiday feel.



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