Bath Series – Sub 13

For our Saturday Night in Bath we went out to celebrate the impending nuptials. I myself am not a clubbing person. The cramped atmosphere, having to stand all night, sometimes being excluded as I don’t drink and getting left with the bags, being groped on the way to the restroom.

Yeah, not my thing.

Sub 13. 2

However we went to a club called Sub 13. One thing I really liked about this place? You could reserve a table. This was lovely, thankfully there were others there that weren’t drinking and we all had a good chat around the table while drinking the best mocktails ever!

I personally asked for something minty and was given a really gorgeous, fresh, citrus drink with sour tones and I loved it!

The bartenders were fantastic and put on a good show for you, the music was varied and had a good beat to it throughout the night. The only personal draw back was the very cramped dance floor and the ladies toilet only had two cubicles.

Otherwise fantastic, doorman was great, barman friendly and the atmosphere was great to be a part of.




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