Jelly Shoes

I remember being a child in the 90’s and all the rage was jelly shoes. Now this obsession has never really left me and it took me a while as an adult to work up the courage to buy some. Ridiculous really as it’s just a pair of shoes right? But you know judgement and all.

However when making a Wish List I saw these gorgeous soft lilac ones on Asos, not only were they made for adults, in my size but they were on sale too! They were throwing themselves at me.

So you know what? I bought them!


They are really lovely to wear and the size (I’m a UK3) Fit to a T. Soft round the edges, secure along the back, I’ve had no blisters while ‘breaking them in’ and they are very comfortable. The feel of the ‘heel’ is non-existent, its like walking on flats, super comfy.

The only downside is when your feet swell slightly in the heat they feel a little tight along the small toe side but this is easily ignored.


They are still available and on sale but in limited sizes, they come in lilac, black and white.



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