Bath Series – Bath Spa

We stopped off at Bath Thermae Spa while on the hen do. I felt it was a bit pricey £37.00 for 2 hours. The nice thing though was that getting changed either end of the trip didn’t cut into that time, you were given, I think, 30 minutes either end.

I loved the changing rooms, they had strong magnetic changing cubes, with a bench, hook and a large mirror. I enjoyed these before and after as they felt very private to change in. Their showers are very limited and lacklustre in pressure but their provided hair dryers are quite good.


The rooftop pool is well worth a visit, I highly recommend taking sunglasses as it does get bright up there in nice weather. The little jacuzzi side is lovely but its nice to just bob about in. It does get quite crowded but never at any point did I feel there wasn’t space.

Steam rooms

I adored the steam rooms, these were scented which I’d never experienced before. My favourites were the Eucalyptus, the lemon-grass and ginger, and the sandalwood. I would highly recommend having a go in these.


I didn’t enjoy the Minerva Bath very much but I feel this was due to the current running around the pool. It made me feel quite sick. On a side note it was warm, nice water and the area clean and welcoming.

I would recommend going to the spa but maybe try during the weekday’s to catch a quieter time.



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