Rosie for Autograph

I have been dying to get my hands on this collection, sadly my local M&S doesn’t stock it and I had no need to make a trip into town. Luckily I have my brother and best friends birthdays coming up so I tried the big store while shopping for their present’s and they stocked it!

I treated myself to a few items from Rosie’s collection.

Rosie for Autograph 001

Amazing Radiance Cream £18.00, Ruth from A Model Recommends used this in a video and I loved the result that she had.

I had wanted one of the eyeshadow pallets but the one I liked ‘I Feel Like A Million Dollars’ was currently out of stock in store so I couldn’t pick one up, my bank account thanks the store!

Rosie for Autograph 015

Insta-Glow Bronze £20.00, this simply looked too beautiful to pass up. It has a pearlecent glow throughout it and looked glorious when I swatched it in store.

Rosie for Autograph 020

Magic Contour Bronzer £18.00, I loved that this contour was such a light colour. I’m very pale and my foundation colour is generally Ivory. I am a dedicated lover of my Burberry bronzer and recently just hit pan on it, as much as I loved it I was happy to give something a little cheaper a go. Lets see if I love it as much.

Also rose gold packaging, Rosie’s onto a winner there. I will be doing a whole make up look with these and will post an in-depth review of textures, pay-off and durability for you! (Any excuse.)

Have you tried the collection? What was your favourite piece?


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