Michael Kors – Birthday Treat

It was my birthday on May 23rd. Yay me, another year done. Boo, getting too close to 30 now! I digress.

I was out enjoying the lovely spa trip and treatment that Mr Guine got me, I thought while in town I’d grab some presents for a few friends. While walking back towards the parking area I looked at the lovely new Michael Kors store that’s opened in Milton Keynes.

I wanted to get a card holder. I rarely use a bag and my beautiful Ted Baker purse was taking a battering due to being in constant use.

michael kors 002

I haven’t splashed out on myself in a long time, probably my last birthday and it felt like all my money was going towards a house deposit. So I thought stuff it, I’m going to go in and have a look.

michael kors 018

Baring in mind, I have no make up on, oily hair from my spa treatment and I’m in jeans and tank top. The sales assistant was lovely, there was absolutely no judgement (which can happen in these places, lets be honest) she happily located the holders, pulled out well over 10 colours, let me handle and properly look at them. I loved this and it made me even happier to purchase.

michael kors 021

So I paid, she bagged, wished me a lovely weekend and I’m the owner of a gorgeous new card holder.

michael kors 019

Happy Birthday to me!

*Side note, all the links that I found to this holder had a high mark up on them around £20 on each site. I paid £40 in the Michael Kors store directly, so I recommend if you want one and have a store near you buy from them.



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