Rimmel Lasting Finish – Initial Reaction

As I said in a different post, I was disappointed by the Bourjois’ City Radiance foundation but I do like their line. Without even thinking about it while out shopping I wanted to grab a new foundation and fell upon the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation. I like that it was a comfort serum formula and that it was classed as a ‘full coverage foundation’.

So far I’m feeling quite happy. It’s applied well, applied via finger tips and touched up with a blender. It’s glided on and felt gentle on my skin. It didn’t feel like it leached the moisture but felt more like a barrier.


I applied to cleansed, primer free skin. I feel it did a really great job evening out my skin tone, with my dark circles and I like that my freckles still show through. The rest of my make up glided on really nicely. Especially my bronzer, I was worried that I’d bought a colour slightly too light but it finished nicely with bronzer and blush.

After my application I took my parents very active dog for a long walk (obv after doing the other half of my face!), through muddy fields and in a big coat and scarf. Nearly three hours later I feel its holding out well. I’ll give it a proper test run and do a more in-depth review at a later date.


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