Me Before You (may contain spoilers)

Oh gosh, what a film!

I’ve not read the book myself but I’ve added it to my list as with every film things are changed or cut completely.


I recommend taking tissues if you’re a crier.

Synopsis – Young and quirky Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) moves from one job to the next to help her family make ends meet. Her cheerful attitude is put to the test when she becomes a caregiver for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a wealthy young banker left paralyzed from an accident two years earlier. Will’s cynical outlook starts to change when Louisa shows him that life is worth living. As their bond deepens, their lives and hearts change in ways neither one could have imagined.


Emilia did really well with this role, awkward but relatable. I loved that there was humour throughout, as there is in life but it was also filled with scenes that made you cringe, others that made you impatient and others that made your heart drop to your stomach. It was an interesting take that she couldn’t change his mind in the end, not a conventional ‘happy ending’. This is where the tissues come in.


Sam Claflin did fantastic, considering that he’s, not to my knowledge, done a role like this before he was, to me, incredibly believable. He was brilliant with his character development and in the end I agreed with his choice, as unthinkable as it is, you could really see how he just couldn’t cope, he didn’t want to adapt or hold on, he’d accepted what he wanted and gave it his all before he left.

A fantastic film, maybe not one I’d buy at this time to watch again but definitely one i’d say go see.



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