Feeling Blue

So you guys already know of my colourful hair adventrues.



Well when I first did the creative colours the blue sadly didn’t take that great. I really wanted to try it again and thought why not, you live once. So I bleached the chunk of pink/purple and a bit more to boot.

Then slapped the blue dye all over it.. and ran out before I finished.

I didn’t panic, amazingly. I just spread it as much as I could. The colour was pretty but not as bold as I wanted it.

Wedding 008

I re-did it a week later, with much more colour and its come out a pretty lagoon blue. I don’t know if you can tell as much difference but I can up close.

I used the schwarzkopf blue, I really like this for an at home range and feel the colour holds really well.

Do you do creative?




My Sickness Streak

So you remember when I mentioned here and here that I’d been feeling sick with a really bad cold, I’d needed to sleep all the time and I was basically able to wake through work and stay at work through flu tablets and caffeine.

Turns our it wasn’t a cold, it was suspected glandular fever, I’ll leave you to look it up. It’s not pretty. My throat got to a point where I wasn’t even able to swallow water it was that painful let alone painkillers. So what do they give me, antibiotics in a big, round, flat pill….


When my symptoms where:


I cried the first day of taking them but it settled my throat enough that I could start the painkillers. I’m still not back to tip-top shape and I get tired really easily, not great when you have insomnia and your body is screaming for sleep. It says that it can take 7 months to a year to recover. I’m not looking forward to that.

I’m on my third week of anti-b’s. Thankfully I can swallow, drink and eat again but the sleep is still an issue so I really apologise for my absence but I felt that I needed to work on my health as we’re working on some big things in life at the moment.

I will share more of these over the coming days!



The summer in the UK this year has been basically non-existent, we’ve had a few days of glorious sunshine but otherwise its been muggy beyond belief and raining at the same time. So I’ve been craving the chance to get my hands on some bikini’s for our hopeful August sunshine!

Bikini Wishlist

Sadly it seems as though these are either just the tops or bottoms in the links which I don’t understand why they’ve done it like that. But as you can tell my taste is either nude and understated or bright and bold.

  1. New Look Mesh Detail Triangle Bikini Top £9.99
  2. River Island Exclusive Contrast Edge Bikini Top £16.00
  3. Hobie Printed Scarf Tankini £26.00
  4. Blue Life Seychelles Halter Bikini Top £90.00
  5. ASOS Mirror Embroidered Halter Crop Bikini Top £28.00
  6. Minimale Animale Nadja Bikini Bottom £88.00

Whats your summer bikini style?



I’ve been feeling very poorly this last week, seems I wasn’t quite over my cold and it developed into a very nasty, nasty cold as I was pushing myself and not resting. So I took some time out from everything but work really and rested. I’ve been able to get up and about in the last few days so I’m trying to get myself back into the swing of things!

Hope your all well.

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