The summer in the UK this year has been basically non-existent, we’ve had a few days of glorious sunshine but otherwise its been muggy beyond belief and raining at the same time. So I’ve been craving the chance to get my hands on some bikini’s for our hopeful August sunshine!

Bikini Wishlist

Sadly it seems as though these are either just the tops or bottoms in the links which I don’t understand why they’ve done it like that. But as you can tell my taste is either nude and understated or bright and bold.

  1. New Look Mesh Detail Triangle Bikini Top £9.99
  2. River Island Exclusive Contrast Edge Bikini Top £16.00
  3. Hobie Printed Scarf Tankini £26.00
  4. Blue Life Seychelles Halter Bikini Top £90.00
  5. ASOS Mirror Embroidered Halter Crop Bikini Top £28.00
  6. Minimale Animale Nadja Bikini Bottom £88.00

Whats your summer bikini style?



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