Ojon Rare Blend Oil

Chanel and Ojon 012

I brought this oil a fair few months ago, but as I have extremely thick hair that doesn’t require constant washing I wanted to give it a fair trial before writing a review.

It’s a fun concept having to shake the bottle to mix the layers, it has a pleasant smell and considering its an oil doesn’t leave a horrible oily residue.

ojon 003

I apply it as a finishing oil, so after I’ve blow-dried and straightened my hair. Its leave a very glossy healthy shine to the hair. I tend to only use this on my mid-lengths and ends as I don’t want to over-encourage oil at my roots.

My hair as you know is very colour treated and I found that this oil really helps to smooth out the hair shaft and leave a more polished finish. I would highly recommend it. I wouldn’t personally say it adds much in terms of moisture but more of protective cushion that keeps my hair happy throughout its use.

I have the 45ml which is £30 but you can get a 15ml version which is £12.

There are also two other types of this oil so you could vary it depending on your need.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Rejuvenating Therapy – protects hair, boosts shine and tames frizz. Hair instantly looks glossier; suddenly feels silkier and more luxurious.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil To Go – helps protects, nourishes and transforms dull, dry or damaged hair to vibrant health.

Deep Conditioner’s are also available!

Whats your favorite hair oil? Have you tried this one?



Chanel Nail Polishe Review

While I adore the skin care of Chanel I’ve always found the majority of the make up and nail polishes a disappointment (cue me getting shot for blasphemy!) but that’s just my opinion.

I have 3 of Chanel’s nails polishes and their base coat. I’ve tried applications several different ways with different base coats, top coats, applications, thickness, thinness, letting each coat dry between layering, not layering, setting sprays. Just nothing seems to work which I feel really sad to say.

As a luxury brand and quite expensive considering its a nail polish I never expected them to chip and just plain peel off like they do.

Now I’d done this with the Chanel base coat, applied three thin layers, letting it dry between applications and then sealed with Sally Hansen strengthening top coat. I let it 16 hours to set and what did I do for it to peel like this? I had a shower.

What am I doing wrong?! Any nails experts that know these polishes well, let me know!

Whats your opinion/experience with these?


Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I’m a follower of the lovely Rice and Dine blog. They post amazing, real home comfort foods that I adore.

All beautiful, look gorgeously tasty and several of which I’m saving in a scrap-book for when we get our own place and I can cook/bake to my heart’s content.

As I’ve been on annual leave I thought I’d try out their latest recipe which is for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies as they looked delish!

I pulled all the ingredients out.


As I live in the UK I used a converter for the measurements which was very simple and can be found on a quick google search unless you already know them. Pretty easy.

I found when getting my ingredients out that I didn’t have enough chocolate chips so I chopped up some dairy milk into chunks as a substitute.

Standard dry mix together.

Sugar and butter mixed and beaten well until it was as fluffy as I could get by hand as I don’t have an electric whisk.


Incorporated the egg.

Next I very slowly, bit by bit, blended the dry into the wet using a whisk.

I laid the blobs out on my tray.

A real lesson learned here, Rice and Dine recommended to  ‘Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls, 2 inches apart’.

I didn’t have enough room for this and I really don’t know why I didn’t just do more, smaller batches instead of doing it all at once. Patience and hindsight I guess.

Next time I’ll try the balls a bit smaller with much more space. I would also recommend beating with the whisk a bit more to help stiffen the mix too.

My first tray came out great however the other two had melted a bit more and bled into each other, so I had a massive block of cookie rather than round individual ones. No matter as they’ll still get eaten and I cut them into square chunks instead.

I would really recommend going and checking out their page, again amazing food with different difficulty levels of cooking with printable recipes and instructions. I cannot wait to be able to bulk make several of their recipes that I’ve saved!

Head over to Rice and Dine for ingredients/measurements and let them know if you make any of their recipes!


A Personal Journey – Teeth Reconstruction 1.2

After 6 failed attempt to get the perfect fitting/looking crown we finally fell upon a success. This is an immediate photo after, the gum is sore/bruised so please excuse that. The colour and shape fit in wonderfully.

From the photos you can also see why he wants to replace the big front tooth due to the damage inflicted by the bad filling job. In the picture below is the previous filling out, its compared next to my little finger nail for size comparison. It was a big filling.


Please note that in the photos below the before picture was a desperate job done by myself with temporary filler, I was at my wit’s end, refused to pay another £50, was 2 weeks off my appointment and a wreck over not being able to smile.

I for one am so pleased with the outlook of this crown, it fits in seamlessly with my other teeth, the shape is fantastic and if I care for it right it shouldn’t need replacing for 7-15 years!

Below is the final filling work for my incredibly broken tooth with the solid filling, the white will colour down to blend in with my other teeth and I now have total use of that tooth again.

I had some sad news on the visit though. Worryingly the front teeth are a lot worse than he thought after he drilled into one.

Reviews 026

I may be developing sepsis under my tooth which if I have I’ll need to be refered to the hospital to be put under for them to clear out, not too terrifying.

This is due to the root canal not being done correctly previously and it’s just been developing over the years.

He’s gone in, re-performed the root canal, killed the nerve, pumped it full of antibiotics and sealed it. We’ve going to see if that makes a difference before deciding on the next stage.

Stay tuned!



As I continue to lose weight I’ve found that I’ve started to look at dresses a lot more. As anyone who know’s me well, dresses (unless maxi) are pretty alien for me but I have been looking at them more and more. I’ve linked several below that I’ve really fallen in love with and will be keeping them on my ASOS wishlist for when I’m at the size I want and may have the confidence to just throw one on!

Dresses Wishlist

New Look Premium Lace Bodycon Dress£39.99

Kiss The Sky Swing Dress With Sheer Sleeves And Delicate Floral Embroidery£38.00

Needle & Thread Victorian Ruffle Dress£145.00

Maison Scotch Mini Length Sheer Dress With Peplum£109.95

Oneon Hand Woven Jumper Dress with Cable Detail£108.00

ASOS Double Layer Wiggle Dress in Stripe£45.00



A Personal Journey – Teeth Reconstruction 1.1

For my treatmet he wants to crown two teeth, repair and rebuild my broken tooth, fill in each cavity and decomposit, replace various metal fillings with white filler and give my teeth a thorough clean and whitening.

Upon returning for my first course of treatment I’d been booked in with a different dentist, he checked over my teeth and decided that he wanted to do more, he added in a further crown next to the badly filled tooth as this one upon removal of the filling was shown to be very badly damaged.

He started by killing the nerve in the broken tooth as this could cause a lot of pain once rebuilt, there was a lot of bleeding in it which he wasn’t happy with. He’s applied temporary rubber filler in there to see how the tooth settles/reacts to the antibiotic implant and will be doing the reconstruction on my next visit.

Reviews 029

I’ve been back for my 3rd visit, this included a root canal of my broken tooth and the re-construction.

He filled my tooth in with several 16.5mm pins before rebuilding the tooth, very painful  and has left my gums, jaw and tooth bruised and sore. Aside from that it has gone well.

When working he noticed that my gums behind my front teeth were very inflamed, 6 x-rays later he said that I needed three rounds of root canal as my previous wasn’t done properly, has spread and I will loose all 4 of my front teeth if nothings done about it.


Stay tuned, part three coming soon.


Fleur DeForce – The Luxe Life

I am an avid follower of Fleur as you can probably tell from my previous posts.


She has recently released her new book The Luxe Life. A more grown up sister to her first book The Glam Guide. One that’s very much to my tastes. As much as I love the first I feel that this new one is much more in joining with the stage of life that I’m at.

I adore that its more about entertaining people, having friends over, making meals and DIY related rather than just purely beauty related. While I do love beauty I feel that my life doesn’t centre around it, as much as I may want it too!

She’s got several amazing recipes in this new book, for food, drinks and snacks which is always a delight of mine as you may know I love to cook.

She’s got some lovely hairstyles, one of which I used at a friends BBQ and got a nice reaction to. I am currently still working my way through so I may give a more in-depth review later on.


I was very lucky as I was able to order a pre-signed book from WHSmith, sadly she’s done her book tour and I’m not sure if there are any more available but I recommend if she releases another to go meet her as she’s just as lovely in person.