Finally starting to feel better.

After my three-week course of antibiotics for suspected glandular fever, followed by a cold, followed by a chest infection, completed with a 24 hour sickness bug.

I feel that my body just went into total shut down mode. I’ve been trying to be good, fill it with water and fresh food but when your sleeping nearly 16-18 hours a day this is hard. I felt very bad at one point and realised it had been nearly 20 hours since I’d last drunk anything so I’ve been pumping myself full of fluids when awake.

Luckily I’m off work for two weeks now. I’m 6 days in and starting to feel like an actual human again and I’m back to my more normal insomniac way. I can no longer fall asleep at the drop of a hat which is sad.

Anyway I’m going to kick-start the blog again as I’ve really missed it and the blogging community.

Here’s to health and carrying on.




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