A Personal Journey – Teeth Reconstruction 1.0

Throughout our lives we’re force-fed that the only acceptable teeth are bright white and perfectly straight.

The Hollywood smile.

healthy teeth

Well what if you’re not blessed with strong, healthy teeth, that no matter what you seem to do they just get worse. I’ve always had weak teeth, I brush, floss, use moutwash and have regular visits to the dentist. But things progressively just got worse.

So I am going to share with you the journey of my teeth reconstruction; this will be a series as its been a long, scary and sad journey.

It started when I had the front tooth badly drilled and filled by a dentist when I was around 15 years old, I’m sure you can tell which one.


This filling has fallen out repeatedly, requiring more drilling and filling until what do you know, half the tooth was fake. This happened very slowly over the course of 8 years, the filling would fall out every 3-5 months and I would pay £50 a go to have it re-filled. Easy money, aye?

So there’s no excuse for the other teeth in my opinion, never when I have gone to the dentist, every three months was I told that my teeth were at risk or that I needed to do anything more to them in terms of care. So I was at a loss really, maybe this is just how they were going to be.

Whenever I would see my previous dentist he wouldn’t tell me I had a problem until it was too late to change or do anything minor. It all required expensive, ugly fillings, sometimes root canal and at others even antibiotics.

But I’d been going to him for over 10 years and thought he had my best interest at heart so I was hesitant and scared to change dentists. Until he filled in two front teeth with mental filler and performed root canal on a front tooth that killed it and also turning it black and sheer. Can you see the plaque build up and staining? Pretty isn’t it, did I mention that I’d see a hygenist twice a year too?

It was my mum that suggested I go see another dentist, she found my teeth really upsetting and knew how much they affect my confidence. So we arranged to go see a dentist my dad and sister recommended.

My mum and I made an appointment to go together. We spoke about my history, the treatments I’d had done, my concerns and the timescale I had until our wedding. He did various x-rays and a thorough examination before recommending a heavy course of treatment.

My front tooth, I should have been offered a crown the second time it fell out. With my lower tooth as soon as it died and turned black that should also have been crowned.  I require various fillings that should have been offered before they got to this stage. I should have been given strict instruction for care and a check up on progression. The tooth that had broken shouldn’t have been in danger of breaking as I was there every 3 months!

He was quite simply, horrified. Always a delight when a medical professional is horrified while looking in your mouth.

Treatment plan and second visit coming soon.



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