A Personal Journey – Teeth Reconstruction 1.1

For my treatmet he wants to crown two teeth, repair and rebuild my broken tooth, fill in each cavity and decomposit, replace various metal fillings with white filler and give my teeth a thorough clean and whitening.

Upon returning for my first course of treatment I’d been booked in with a different dentist, he checked over my teeth and decided that he wanted to do more, he added in a further crown next to the badly filled tooth as this one upon removal of the filling was shown to be very badly damaged.

He started by killing the nerve in the broken tooth as this could cause a lot of pain once rebuilt, there was a lot of bleeding in it which he wasn’t happy with. He’s applied temporary rubber filler in there to see how the tooth settles/reacts to the antibiotic implant and will be doing the reconstruction on my next visit.

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I’ve been back for my 3rd visit, this included a root canal of my broken tooth and the re-construction.

He filled my tooth in with several 16.5mm pins before rebuilding the tooth, very painful  and has left my gums, jaw and tooth bruised and sore. Aside from that it has gone well.

When working he noticed that my gums behind my front teeth were very inflamed, 6 x-rays later he said that I needed three rounds of root canal as my previous wasn’t done properly, has spread and I will loose all 4 of my front teeth if nothings done about it.


Stay tuned, part three coming soon.



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