A Personal Journey – Teeth Reconstruction 1.2

After 6 failed attempt to get the perfect fitting/looking crown we finally fell upon a success. This is an immediate photo after, the gum is sore/bruised so please excuse that. The colour and shape fit in wonderfully.

From the photos you can also see why he wants to replace the big front tooth due to the damage inflicted by the bad filling job. In the picture below is the previous filling out, its compared next to my little finger nail for size comparison. It was a big filling.


Please note that in the photos below the before picture was a desperate job done by myself with temporary filler, I was at my wit’s end, refused to pay another £50, was 2 weeks off my appointment and a wreck over not being able to smile.

I for one am so pleased with the outlook of this crown, it fits in seamlessly with my other teeth, the shape is fantastic and if I care for it right it shouldn’t need replacing for 7-15 years!

Below is the final filling work for my incredibly broken tooth with the solid filling, the white will colour down to blend in with my other teeth and I now have total use of that tooth again.

I had some sad news on the visit though. Worryingly the front teeth are a lot worse than he thought after he drilled into one.

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I may be developing sepsis under my tooth which if I have I’ll need to be refered to the hospital to be put under for them to clear out, not too terrifying.

This is due to the root canal not being done correctly previously and it’s just been developing over the years.

He’s gone in, re-performed the root canal, killed the nerve, pumped it full of antibiotics and sealed it. We’ve going to see if that makes a difference before deciding on the next stage.

Stay tuned!


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