Ojon Rare Blend Oil

Chanel and Ojon 012

I brought this oil a fair few months ago, but as I have extremely thick hair that doesn’t require constant washing I wanted to give it a fair trial before writing a review.

It’s a fun concept having to shake the bottle to mix the layers, it has a pleasant smell and considering its an oil doesn’t leave a horrible oily residue.

ojon 003

I apply it as a finishing oil, so after I’ve blow-dried and straightened my hair. Its leave a very glossy healthy shine to the hair. I tend to only use this on my mid-lengths and ends as I don’t want to over-encourage oil at my roots.

My hair as you know is very colour treated and I found that this oil really helps to smooth out the hair shaft and leave a more polished finish. I would highly recommend it. I wouldn’t personally say it adds much in terms of moisture but more of protective cushion that keeps my hair happy throughout its use.

I have the 45ml which is £30 but you can get a 15ml version which is £12.

There are also two other types of this oil so you could vary it depending on your need.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Rejuvenating Therapy – protects hair, boosts shine and tames frizz. Hair instantly looks glossier; suddenly feels silkier and more luxurious.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil To Go – helps protects, nourishes and transforms dull, dry or damaged hair to vibrant health.

Deep Conditioner’s are also available!

Whats your favorite hair oil? Have you tried this one?



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