A Personal Journey – Teeth Reconstruction 1.3

So you’ll remember from previous posts that I was going through some pretty intensive dental treatment. Thankfully its now finished!

I went for a visit around 4 weeks ago where he finished off the root canal, happily there was no sepsis that he could see, so he cleaned it out, filled and sealed it.

He also drilled down my front tooth in preparation for the next crown. This was terrifying and lets say that while the temporary was in for the next four weeks, if I couldn’t cut it up and eat it, I didn’t eat it!

I’ve got some before and after’s below for you, yes they’re not brilliant, white and straight but they’ve done massive wonders for my confidence and I’m so happy with them. Time to scrub them up and take care of them until my next check up.

This picture is the filling the used to live in my front tooth, compared to my little finger nail. It was large, in charge and crippling to my confidence.


As you can tell below, the tooth was black, bulbous and badly clinging together with at home filling. The picture below the two is with the new crown fitted, personally I think it looks lovely and blends really well, both colour and shape.


Next was the front crown, this was done very quickly and easily, it was drilled down, temporarily filled while the crown was being made and fitted in one sitting unlike the top crown which took several tries.

I am so happy with this one as when I’ve spoken to family and friends they said that they cannot pick it out from my natural teeth. Exactly what my dentist and I wanted.


This is the temporary filling on the broken tooth which has been filled permanently now, I did have a lot of pain in this and their was a little of the nerve left, my dentist managed to settled it (kill it) entirely and he filled it as well.


So below is the before and after, still not perfect and I will be paying for another crown for the remaining black tooth before I think I’ll be entirely happy, but in my opinion there’s a massive difference and it has done wonders for my confidence, even with just talking to people.


I’ll update you if/when I’m able to get the remaining crown that I want. Hope you’ve enjoyed sharing this little journey with me, thanks for tagging along!



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