Body Shop Mini Set – Review

Who doesn’t remember being young and going into The Body Shop to buy your first lip gloss, hand cream or musk? Personally for me and the girls I know it was that signal of hitting those teen years where personal care and smelling nice became important.

I like to indulge in little bits from The Body Shop here and there. I’ve especially been coveting their Spa of the World Collection, it looks stunning and from the little bits i’ve sampled in store well worth it, shame my budget isn’t so spendy at the moment.

btyI got gifted this gorgeous little mini set. It’s very simple, fresh, smells heavenly and the little lofa is gorgeous and silky, certainly not one of the scrubby kinds.

I really love the lotion, while it says whipped I do find it a little on the runnier side but a little still goes far. The wash is amazing, if you like mango it smells gorgeous, if a little artificial (perish the thought with The Body Shop!).



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