Banana Tree – Milton Keynes

I recently went to a beautiful restaurant in town called Banana Tree which is a Thai inspired restaurant.

I did that classic thing of intending to take photographs of the beautiful food then remembering after I’d started as I was so hungry! However it was simply gorgeous and took some control to stop for a photo!

I didn’t snack on any of the prawn crackers as they’ve got a bit of spicy-ness to them, I highly recommend this place if you like spicy food too. They have a lovely Green Curry that’s got a little kick to it.


Oh my goodness the Pad Thai, was simply to die for. This was so incredibly mouth-watering and delicious. It originally comes all separately with a little card that suggest you mix it together to enjoy it at its best. It also come with a little side order of prawn crackers. I had mine with a chicken and prawn mix.


I ordered a side order of their satay sauce, for no other reason than I love it, this was really good as I used it to dip the big prawns in, I then drizzled it over my remaining noodles and it was divine!


I would seriously recommend that if you like Thai food and have a Banana Tree near you that you go check them out. I will certainly be going back to visit them soon!



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