Miss Guine

Late 20’s

Learning to live life as I go

Marriage, home, baby, beauty, lifestyle & more.

Wedding 008

I live with my parents, I’m self-employed and at times I struggle to be what I defined as a grown up. We really do just wing it, don’t we?

Naively I thought that at this age I’d have thing ‘sorted out’. Meaning that I’d be married, with a baby, in a good job and be on the property ladder.

Luckily I have managed some important parts which includes finding the man I love and I cannot wait to continue progressing in our lives together. I have also managed to settle into a job that I really enjoy and am passionate about.

I will include him in the blog, he shall be MrGunie.

I will have no set ‘style’ of posts. It will be beauty, hair, lifestyle, DIY, mental and physical health, reviews, day trips, babies, moving, mortgages etc.

Basically whatever takes my fancy, I will try to do regular updates but I will mainly go with the flow, I won’t pump out crap content just so there’s content.

If any of this or my blog is holding your interest, please feel free to join me in my crazy ride.

As frequent or as infrequent as you like.



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