How has everyone been? As you can tell by my Instagram I’ve been fussing with Halloween, going for a more natural hair colour and loving the Great British Bake Off. What have you all been up too?




My Perfect Cookie

Lately my life has been hectic, I’ve been feeling very stressed and unable to switch off. Lack of sleep until I’ve literally just heaped into an exhausted bundle that only my partner can wake me from.

So what do I do? To switch off? Unwind and ignore the world? I bake.

I’ve for years failed to bake a cookie. I normally get cake like consistency, they all melt into each other and/or they burn into a big tray bake. This has annoyed me for a long time but never deterred me!

So today as its sunday I normally like to watch re-runs of The Great British Bake Off and bake.

I had on my list today:


I was determined to crack them and crack them I did. The recipe I used:

150g salted butter, softened

80g light brown sugar

2 small- medium eggs

2 tsps vanilla extract

1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

225g plain flour (I used self-raising and still turned out great!)

200g of mixed dark and plain chocolate chips

To make:

Preheat oven 190C/170F/Gas 5.

Cream the butter and sugar until very creamy. Beat in vanilla and eggs.

Sieve the flour and bicarbonate. Add the chocolate chips and stir well.

I personally used a stand mixed and just wacked it on until I had quite a stiff mixture.


Using a teaspoon, I found this size best. Scoop a small mound onto a lined baking tray and cook for 10-12 minutes.

I ended up doing 4 to a large tray and 3 to my smaller one. I probably made about 7-8 batches. The trick I found to this, be patient.

You really want to wait until they’ve cooled totally before taking off the baking paper so that the centres don’t fall out where they stick.

Hands down the best recipe I’ve ever used and I’m really happy with how they turned out!



Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I’m a follower of the lovely Rice and Dine blog. They post amazing, real home comfort foods that I adore.

All beautiful, look gorgeously tasty and several of which I’m saving in a scrap-book for when we get our own place and I can cook/bake to my heart’s content.

As I’ve been on annual leave I thought I’d try out their latest recipe which is for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies as they looked delish!

I pulled all the ingredients out.


As I live in the UK I used a converter for the measurements which was very simple and can be found on a quick google search unless you already know them. Pretty easy.

I found when getting my ingredients out that I didn’t have enough chocolate chips so I chopped up some dairy milk into chunks as a substitute.

Standard dry mix together.

Sugar and butter mixed and beaten well until it was as fluffy as I could get by hand as I don’t have an electric whisk.


Incorporated the egg.

Next I very slowly, bit by bit, blended the dry into the wet using a whisk.

I laid the blobs out on my tray.

A real lesson learned here, Rice and Dine recommended to  ‘Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls, 2 inches apart’.

I didn’t have enough room for this and I really don’t know why I didn’t just do more, smaller batches instead of doing it all at once. Patience and hindsight I guess.

Next time I’ll try the balls a bit smaller with much more space. I would also recommend beating with the whisk a bit more to help stiffen the mix too.

My first tray came out great however the other two had melted a bit more and bled into each other, so I had a massive block of cookie rather than round individual ones. No matter as they’ll still get eaten and I cut them into square chunks instead.

I would really recommend going and checking out their page, again amazing food with different difficulty levels of cooking with printable recipes and instructions. I cannot wait to be able to bulk make several of their recipes that I’ve saved!

Head over to Rice and Dine for ingredients/measurements and let them know if you make any of their recipes!


A Personal Journey – Teeth Reconstruction 1.0

Throughout our lives we’re force-fed that the only acceptable teeth are bright white and perfectly straight.

The Hollywood smile.

healthy teeth

Well what if you’re not blessed with strong, healthy teeth, that no matter what you seem to do they just get worse. I’ve always had weak teeth, I brush, floss, use moutwash and have regular visits to the dentist. But things progressively just got worse.

So I am going to share with you the journey of my teeth reconstruction; this will be a series as its been a long, scary and sad journey.

It started when I had the front tooth badly drilled and filled by a dentist when I was around 15 years old, I’m sure you can tell which one.


This filling has fallen out repeatedly, requiring more drilling and filling until what do you know, half the tooth was fake. This happened very slowly over the course of 8 years, the filling would fall out every 3-5 months and I would pay £50 a go to have it re-filled. Easy money, aye?

So there’s no excuse for the other teeth in my opinion, never when I have gone to the dentist, every three months was I told that my teeth were at risk or that I needed to do anything more to them in terms of care. So I was at a loss really, maybe this is just how they were going to be.

Whenever I would see my previous dentist he wouldn’t tell me I had a problem until it was too late to change or do anything minor. It all required expensive, ugly fillings, sometimes root canal and at others even antibiotics.

But I’d been going to him for over 10 years and thought he had my best interest at heart so I was hesitant and scared to change dentists. Until he filled in two front teeth with mental filler and performed root canal on a front tooth that killed it and also turning it black and sheer. Can you see the plaque build up and staining? Pretty isn’t it, did I mention that I’d see a hygenist twice a year too?

It was my mum that suggested I go see another dentist, she found my teeth really upsetting and knew how much they affect my confidence. So we arranged to go see a dentist my dad and sister recommended.

My mum and I made an appointment to go together. We spoke about my history, the treatments I’d had done, my concerns and the timescale I had until our wedding. He did various x-rays and a thorough examination before recommending a heavy course of treatment.

My front tooth, I should have been offered a crown the second time it fell out. With my lower tooth as soon as it died and turned black that should also have been crowned.  I require various fillings that should have been offered before they got to this stage. I should have been given strict instruction for care and a check up on progression. The tooth that had broken shouldn’t have been in danger of breaking as I was there every 3 months!

He was quite simply, horrified. Always a delight when a medical professional is horrified while looking in your mouth.

Treatment plan and second visit coming soon.


Feeling Blue

So you guys already know of my colourful hair adventrues.



Well when I first did the creative colours the blue sadly didn’t take that great. I really wanted to try it again and thought why not, you live once. So I bleached the chunk of pink/purple and a bit more to boot.

Then slapped the blue dye all over it.. and ran out before I finished.

I didn’t panic, amazingly. I just spread it as much as I could. The colour was pretty but not as bold as I wanted it.

Wedding 008

I re-did it a week later, with much more colour and its come out a pretty lagoon blue. I don’t know if you can tell as much difference but I can up close.

I used the schwarzkopf blue, I really like this for an at home range and feel the colour holds really well.

Do you do creative?




The summer in the UK this year has been basically non-existent, we’ve had a few days of glorious sunshine but otherwise its been muggy beyond belief and raining at the same time. So I’ve been craving the chance to get my hands on some bikini’s for our hopeful August sunshine!

Bikini Wishlist

Sadly it seems as though these are either just the tops or bottoms in the links which I don’t understand why they’ve done it like that. But as you can tell my taste is either nude and understated or bright and bold.

  1. New Look Mesh Detail Triangle Bikini Top £9.99
  2. River Island Exclusive Contrast Edge Bikini Top £16.00
  3. Hobie Printed Scarf Tankini £26.00
  4. Blue Life Seychelles Halter Bikini Top £90.00
  5. ASOS Mirror Embroidered Halter Crop Bikini Top £28.00
  6. Minimale Animale Nadja Bikini Bottom £88.00

Whats your summer bikini style?


YouTube Inspiration

I love doing creative looks, especially Halloween-ish based ones.

I recently watched Evelina Forsell do a creative video for her second look for the NYX Nordic Face Awards. Good luck to her! I voted for her in the first round, she’s got such a lovely outlook and I find her delightfully relaxing to listen to. Just what I’ve needed.


So I decided to put my new Urban Decay Pallet to good use. I created a pale face and went with a dark smokey look on the eye, the colour pay off is mental with the urban decay and I found myself too heavy-handed at times which required a lot of buffing. Also have to say I really like the brush that came with the pallet, a first for me!

It’s definately not as polished as her look but overall I’m quite happy with it, I feel mine had a more grungy feel than her prettier one. Altogether though I like it!

What are the creative looks you like to do?