Champneys Review


We all know from previous posts that I like a little bit of Champneys. It’s a lovely collection with indulgent at home treats that really do feel quite Spa like.


This gorgeous taster tin is no different. It includes a shower cream, body lotion, daily scrub, body butter and a lofa.


The scrub is gorgeous, the grit inside is tiny and feels quite delicate, just what you’d need if you was going to indulge in it every day (personally not something I’d recommend).

The boy lotion and shower cream are both thick and creamy, the cream is a real treat in the shower and I wouldn’t say you need much of either to make a difference in your routine.

The body butter is incredibly thick and indulgent. I’ve been enjoying using this on more special occasions where I want something that’s going to pack a punch in the moisture department.


Soap and Glory Mini Set – Review


Whats not to love about Soap and Glory? Their nice price tag? Their fun but also classic theme or the products themselves?

I adore a little bit of Soap and Glory to indulge in every now and again.

This think, creamy body butter was no different, a lovely little slick up the legs, round the elbows and ankles keeps them in pretty good nick throughout the winter.

Their body washes tend to be very smooth and slippery in the shower, I enjoy the lather up they give when uses with a lofa too.

The also do gorgeous gift sets too, never a fail when their products are so versatile and usable.


Banana Tree – Milton Keynes

I recently went to a beautiful restaurant in town called Banana Tree which is a Thai inspired restaurant.

I did that classic thing of intending to take photographs of the beautiful food then remembering after I’d started as I was so hungry! However it was simply gorgeous and took some control to stop for a photo!

I didn’t snack on any of the prawn crackers as they’ve got a bit of spicy-ness to them, I highly recommend this place if you like spicy food too. They have a lovely Green Curry that’s got a little kick to it.


Oh my goodness the Pad Thai, was simply to die for. This was so incredibly mouth-watering and delicious. It originally comes all separately with a little card that suggest you mix it together to enjoy it at its best. It also come with a little side order of prawn crackers. I had mine with a chicken and prawn mix.


I ordered a side order of their satay sauce, for no other reason than I love it, this was really good as I used it to dip the big prawns in, I then drizzled it over my remaining noodles and it was divine!


I would seriously recommend that if you like Thai food and have a Banana Tree near you that you go check them out. I will certainly be going back to visit them soon!



Body Shop Mini Set – Review

Who doesn’t remember being young and going into The Body Shop to buy your first lip gloss, hand cream or musk? Personally for me and the girls I know it was that signal of hitting those teen years where personal care and smelling nice became important.

I like to indulge in little bits from The Body Shop here and there. I’ve especially been coveting their Spa of the World Collection, it looks stunning and from the little bits i’ve sampled in store well worth it, shame my budget isn’t so spendy at the moment.

btyI got gifted this gorgeous little mini set. It’s very simple, fresh, smells heavenly and the little lofa is gorgeous and silky, certainly not one of the scrubby kinds.

I really love the lotion, while it says whipped I do find it a little on the runnier side but a little still goes far. The wash is amazing, if you like mango it smells gorgeous, if a little artificial (perish the thought with The Body Shop!).



Hi everyone!

I hope your Christmas season has been going well for those who celebrate? I’ve had a really lovely one this year despite it not yet being in our own home, we were very close but it should hopefully be early 2017 when we’re in, we still don’t have an exact date yet. Hence why I haven’t shared.

What have you all been up to? What are your instas filled with at the moment?



A Personal Journey – Teeth Reconstruction 1.3

So you’ll remember from previous posts that I was going through some pretty intensive dental treatment. Thankfully its now finished!

I went for a visit around 4 weeks ago where he finished off the root canal, happily there was no sepsis that he could see, so he cleaned it out, filled and sealed it.

He also drilled down my front tooth in preparation for the next crown. This was terrifying and lets say that while the temporary was in for the next four weeks, if I couldn’t cut it up and eat it, I didn’t eat it!

I’ve got some before and after’s below for you, yes they’re not brilliant, white and straight but they’ve done massive wonders for my confidence and I’m so happy with them. Time to scrub them up and take care of them until my next check up.

This picture is the filling the used to live in my front tooth, compared to my little finger nail. It was large, in charge and crippling to my confidence.


As you can tell below, the tooth was black, bulbous and badly clinging together with at home filling. The picture below the two is with the new crown fitted, personally I think it looks lovely and blends really well, both colour and shape.


Next was the front crown, this was done very quickly and easily, it was drilled down, temporarily filled while the crown was being made and fitted in one sitting unlike the top crown which took several tries.

I am so happy with this one as when I’ve spoken to family and friends they said that they cannot pick it out from my natural teeth. Exactly what my dentist and I wanted.


This is the temporary filling on the broken tooth which has been filled permanently now, I did have a lot of pain in this and their was a little of the nerve left, my dentist managed to settled it (kill it) entirely and he filled it as well.


So below is the before and after, still not perfect and I will be paying for another crown for the remaining black tooth before I think I’ll be entirely happy, but in my opinion there’s a massive difference and it has done wonders for my confidence, even with just talking to people.


I’ll update you if/when I’m able to get the remaining crown that I want. Hope you’ve enjoyed sharing this little journey with me, thanks for tagging along!


Reading Recommendation – 3

Oh why do I not make more time for reading in my life?

Simple, I don’t put the bloody things down!

After reading Doctor Sleep, I realised that I’d only ever known about The Shining through the movie.


Now from what I remember Stephen King wasn’t a fan of the movie, he interviewed with Rolling Stone magazine. When the topic turned to the 1980 classic, Stephen made his hatred for Kubrick’s movie clear, saying:

“The book is hot, and the movie is cold; the book ends in fire, and the movie in ice. In the book, there’s an actual arc where you see this guy, Jack Torrance, trying to be good, and little by little he moves over to this place where he’s crazy. And as far as I was concerned, when I saw the movie, Jack was crazy from the first scene. I had to keep my mouth shut at the time. It was a screening, and Nicholson was there. But I’m thinking to myself the minute he’s on the screen, ‘Oh, I know this guy. I’ve seen him in five motorcycle movies, where Jack Nicholson played the same part.’ And it’s so misogynistic. I mean, Wendy Torrance is just presented as this sort of screaming dishrag. But that’s just me, that’s the way I am.”


Honestly I agree with him. The book is exceptionally better than the film. Jack’s decent into madness is so, so much more detailed, they skipped a massive amount in the film and made it seem like it happened over-night, when in fact it spanned years.

Danny has several very traumatic events happen to him throughout the book that were just glossed over or missed entirely, some which I found very unsettling to read so would have made great additions to the film.

And Wendy, lovely, lovely Wendy, who has the fierce nature of an angry mama bear was made out to be a wet rag in the movie. She was incredibly feisty in the book, fought back several times and came to the realisation, much like Danny, that Jack has slipped from them and was no longer their loved one. She had such gusto in the book and while I totally respect all the actors portrayals, as it’s still a good movie, it doesn’t hold a candle to the book. 083

The ending is also purely something else that brought me to tears. Seriously.

I highly recommend this as the depth of characters is just something else, as always with Mr King. If you like horror/thriller/suspense novels, you really won’t regret this one.