Mini Drug Store Haul

On my little trip up the city to pick up my MK bag I dropped into Boots to replenish my make up stocks. Its mad I have so much make up but I always end up re-stocking on the same things.

So today I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased new products of my classics that I’d run out of.

I’m looking forward to this new concealer, I’ve had many of my regular YouTuber’s recommend it as they had the wake me up which I enjoyed.

I have picked up a new mascara. I’d been using the Clinique High Impact for probably the last 4 years. I just felt recently that it was really, really lacking, my lashes just looked short and stubby, it seemed to clump them badly and I just wanted a fresh start with a new type.

Again this has been recommended by several YouTuber’s. I will be doing in-depth reviews on all these products.


Last classic replacement was my Gimmie Brow. I’ve been using this for goodness only knows how long?! I don’t remember its been years. However since the re-launch. I’m not sure if they changed the formula or not but I’m just not happy with it anymore.

I’m quite excited about this one! I think the colour will match my brows really well and hopefully give some nice definition as well as taming them for the day.

Two other cheeky little purchases were a nude eyeliner to hopefully help me look more awake. I’ve also recently fallen back in love with the bold black eyeliner look, so I’ve picked up a nice soft black liner.


As I have said I’ll be doing an in-depth review of each of these and let you know what I think of them in place of my ‘classics’.






Don’t you just adore the more sultry tones that come later in the year after the summer glow? The musky perfumes and skin care, divine. One of my favourite times of year.

Madara Superseed Radiant Energy Organic Facial Oil 30ml – £40.00

Inika Vegan Lipstick 4.2g – £18.00

Deborah Lippmann 5 Free Luxury Nail Lacquer 15ml – £9.60 (on special)

Burberry Nails Nail Polish 8ml – £15.00

Burberry Eyes Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection High Shine Eye Shadow 2.7g – £23.00

Cartier La Panthère Eau de Parfum 30ml – £43.00 (on special)


Luxury Make Up and Skincare Wish List

I realised that when I do my wish lists they’re always about clothes or shoes, which is mad as there’s many things that I’ve looked at and gone ‘oh I wish I could have that’. So for this edition I’ve done a beauty/skin care list.

Long gone are the days where I can just splurge on these things due to saving for our home I can’t just drop £100 on anything. The few luxury bits that I have in my collection now are coveted and used when I’m feeling particularly flashy or want something that I know will work. So here’s my Luxury Wishlist:

Make - up Wishlist

What would be your absolute splurge? I have many more things that I can add to this series so I may broaden my wish lists. After all they are just wishes, right?


I’ve been feeling very poorly this last week, seems I wasn’t quite over my cold and it developed into a very nasty, nasty cold as I was pushing myself and not resting. So I took some time out from everything but work really and rested. I’ve been able to get up and about in the last few days so I’m trying to get myself back into the swing of things!

Hope your all well.

Instagram 9 July


YouTube Inspiration

I love doing creative looks, especially Halloween-ish based ones.

I recently watched Evelina Forsell do a creative video for her second look for the NYX Nordic Face Awards. Good luck to her! I voted for her in the first round, she’s got such a lovely outlook and I find her delightfully relaxing to listen to. Just what I’ve needed.


So I decided to put my new Urban Decay Pallet to good use. I created a pale face and went with a dark smokey look on the eye, the colour pay off is mental with the urban decay and I found myself too heavy-handed at times which required a lot of buffing. Also have to say I really like the brush that came with the pallet, a first for me!

It’s definately not as polished as her look but overall I’m quite happy with it, I feel mine had a more grungy feel than her prettier one. Altogether though I like it!

What are the creative looks you like to do?


Red and Gold

Due to the UK Referendum home is not a nice place to be at the moment. Its been filled with fearful, spiteful words. Family and friends divided and attacking each other on social media. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve run away from it, I’m already scared myself about the future of the country and I don’t need more scaremongering filling my head with more worries and the possibility of being verbally attacked by people I’ve known most of my life.


So I’ve retreated to my little corner that I’ve filled with things I like. I’ve decided to be shallow, play around with make up and ignore the world for a little bit longer as I believe that things are going to be hard for a long time.

I’ve been inspired by some ladies on instagram that do Lip Art and decided to take my own whirl at it, be gentle with me!


I started with a simple clean base, with a lip balm bath then a basic foundation base.


Then I used Fleur De Force Starry Starry Night and applied a layer of gold leaf. I did try buffing it after to see if a more broken up look worked better but it just ended up bleeding with the gloss which I didn’t like.

Hope things are going well wherever you are in the world!


Urban Decay – Naked

Yes. I know. I’m very late to the Naked Palette Obsession.

But I’ve never brought myself one, however I got my sticky mitts on one from a good friend for my birthday! I’ve only just had a play about with it as I’ve been feeling sick.

Oh my gosh, I can see why its a cult favorite.The buttery, satin silkiness of the shadows is immense and that pay off with the barest brush is amazing.


I personally have found a real liking with Sin, Sidecar, Half Baked, Toasted and Gunmetal. These are real ‘me’ colours, things that I would use in an average make up look.


I will create a few different looks with this palette and give my thoughts on how easy they are to use, blend and how I feel they last on my dry skin.