Hand Care Kit

Heathcote and Ivory Hand Care Kit. This was a delightful little gift that I received for Christmas; as you can probably tell from previous posts, I quite like to do my nails and care for my hands!


This little set was delightfully received and is actually really quite nice.


I’ve found the balm a bit difficult to work with, its nice when applied but actually getting it out of the tin was a little challenging. I ended up swirling my finger around until it had warmed and I had a good layer. It was nice but I didn’t think anything long-lasting to it.


I enjoyed the hand cream, this was thick, luxurious and a little went quite far, this swatch did nearly both hands and wrists. I will be popping this into my handbag to use on the coming winter months!


I’ve not yet had a really thick lather up with this but it’s quite pleasant, I feel it would be ideal for a handbag too. As you know sometime when you use public restrooms and their annoyingly out of soap? Yeah, nifty little thing to carry around!


I havent used this yet as I want to save it for a pamper night but it smells gorgeous.

The whole set does actually, I’d definitely recommend this as a nice gift set for someone, I for one can say it was very nicely receive for a nail enthusiast that likes to take care of her hands!




Chanel Nail Polishe Review

While I adore the skin care of Chanel I’ve always found the majority of the make up and nail polishes a disappointment (cue me getting shot for blasphemy!) but that’s just my opinion.

I have 3 of Chanel’s nails polishes and their base coat. I’ve tried applications several different ways with different base coats, top coats, applications, thickness, thinness, letting each coat dry between layering, not layering, setting sprays. Just nothing seems to work which I feel really sad to say.

As a luxury brand and quite expensive considering its a nail polish I never expected them to chip and just plain peel off like they do.

Now I’d done this with the Chanel base coat, applied three thin layers, letting it dry between applications and then sealed with Sally Hansen strengthening top coat. I let it 16 hours to set and what did I do for it to peel like this? I had a shower.

What am I doing wrong?! Any nails experts that know these polishes well, let me know!

Whats your opinion/experience with these?


Champneys Hand and Nail Cream – Review

I was very lucky to be gifted a treat before my holiday by one of the little ones I look after (and their parents).

I’m very into my nail art and sadly due to having to wash my nails dozens of times a day I find my hands dry and my nails bend and break.


I was very nicely gifted Champneys Health Spa Luxury Harmonious Hand Restoring Hand and Nail Cream with SPF15.

This is described as a treat for the hands, nourishing with chamomile, orange, mandarin and restorative vitamins A, C, E and B5 for good measure. Your hands will love you for it.

It’s a thick luxury cream that I have to say smells surprisingly more of the camomile to me rather than the citrus, which normally overpowers most gentle smells. So good marks for that.

It’s a totally non-greasy formula that I love as well. It doesn’t leave my hands feeling like I can’t touch anything after, its sinks in instantly. I’ve found that it also give a nice sheen to my nails, I’ve been sick recently as many of you will know and my nails have suffered badly, I suppose to your body they’re not vital things to keep healthy at that time.

So I’ve been using the cream twice a day for the last 6 days and they are starting to look bright and healthy again, it’s helped the dry skin around the edges and my hands are smooth and blemish free.

I will definitely be investing in this after it runs out. I feel for the price that it’s a gem and an absolute steal to feel that little bit of luxury throughout the week. Not to mention the benefits that I’ve found to my nails and the surrounding skin.

What indulgent little treats have you been gifted?


Model’s Own – Initial Thoughts

I used the Blueberry Muffin shade on Saturday as I was going to the theatre with my nieces and my sister. We were going to see Frozen and I thought the colour was apt! My youngest niece is 3, she’s feisty, loves cuddles and generally playing around. I applied two layers at about 10am, left the house at 1pm, arrived at the theatre for 3pm.

This time included lunch, driving, carrying bags, changing a toddler and getting seated. It was fun and exciting. Cue sweets, wriggling, dancing and prop using. 5pm and we headed home.

polish review 002.jpg

Post shower my nails held out OK but I wish I’d taken more time with the coats. I put two on, one thin, then a slightly gloppier top coat. I should have used a proper top coat sealer as well. I don’t think it did too bad and was overall quite happy with it. Also, they last a hell of a lot longer and through a lot more than Chanel nail polishes.

Edit – I have since used these several times and with a more careful application, including base and top coat, with thinner built up layers and they last brilliantly as seen in the feature image.


Models Own Polishes – Initial Review

I’d been looking at the new metallic and matt polishes since they come out. I talked to a sales assistant at my local Models Own and she did loads of swatches of the metallic’s. She gave me an honest opinion and said that they weren’t as shiny as they could be but they look lovely with a top coat.

nail polish 002 (2).jpg

I picked the shade Chrome Rose and questioned if they had any matt glosses. She said they didn’t but they had a matt top coat that could mattify any gloss, happiness.

New phone 423.jpg

I’ve done a couple of quick shots of each that I bought as there was a special offer and will share my initial thoughts. I will apologise now about how sloppy the application is, as I was trying them all on I didn’t bother doing touch ups. I love pastel nail polishes but have surprisingly few in my collection.

New phone 421.jpg

Blueberry Muffin

This is a lovely soft blue, it sets perfectly with two coats.


Apple Pie

A soft mint-like green, something I’ve coveted for ages.


Chrome Cerise

A fuchsia pink shade, these go on solid with just one coat, almost unheard of with nail polishes. You can see just slightly through though if you have longer nails so you may desire a second coat.


Chrome Rose

Probably my favourite of the bunch, it really is a more rosy colour in the flesh.


Matte Top Coat

This is fantastic and was very interesting to use.

Very happy with these to date, they’re beautiful shades and I’ve worn them several times.