Miniature Michael Kors Update

As you guys know from this post I’d had issues with my MK bag recently. I got a call earlier in the week to say that the repair had been taken care of and I could come pick it up when I was ready.

I grabbed it earlier today while I was up the city. I was happy to see that it appeared to be repaired. However the bag/dustbag appeared quite dirty, as in there was like make up markings over the bag and around the top of the dust bag was grubby. I wasn’t pleased with that.

Also I’ve had a proper look over it when I got home and I’m not too pleased with the key ring, when I gave it in it was totally mark free, its come back scratched badly. I feel like I might take it back to Bicester and see if I’ll have more luck there as I’m not happy.


Mini Drug Store Haul

On my little trip up the city to pick up my MK bag I dropped into Boots to replenish my make up stocks. Its mad I have so much make up but I always end up re-stocking on the same things.

So today I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased new products of my classics that I’d run out of.

I’m looking forward to this new concealer, I’ve had many of my regular YouTuber’s recommend it as they had the wake me up which I enjoyed.

I have picked up a new mascara. I’d been using the Clinique High Impact for probably the last 4 years. I just felt recently that it was really, really lacking, my lashes just looked short and stubby, it seemed to clump them badly and I just wanted a fresh start with a new type.

Again this has been recommended by several YouTuber’s. I will be doing in-depth reviews on all these products.


Last classic replacement was my Gimmie Brow. I’ve been using this for goodness only knows how long?! I don’t remember its been years. However since the re-launch. I’m not sure if they changed the formula or not but I’m just not happy with it anymore.

I’m quite excited about this one! I think the colour will match my brows really well and hopefully give some nice definition as well as taming them for the day.

Two other cheeky little purchases were a nude eyeliner to hopefully help me look more awake. I’ve also recently fallen back in love with the bold black eyeliner look, so I’ve picked up a nice soft black liner.


As I have said I’ll be doing an in-depth review of each of these and let you know what I think of them in place of my ‘classics’.



Michael Kors Bag Review

I went to Bicester Village in October with my Mum and Sister. It was a really beautiful, sunny, if cold day and was lovely to spend some quality time together. We shopped, lunched and I impulsively bought something as I had been saving so hard lately I just wanted to be a little wild!


So, under ‘bad’ influence. I brought my first Michael Kors bag. It was half price, brand new in and such a stunning statement colour!


I adore it, sadly I cannot find this any where on the internet to link it but I’ve attached Michael’s site for you.

Now I had gotten this out of its dust sleeve and used it probably 3 times. On the 4th time, out to dinner with friends, I head back to my car, laid it on the passenger seat and noticed a blue disk in the foot well.


I was really confused as I picked it up, I sat for ages trying to figure it out what it was. Turns out its the blue disc from the inner keyring! Now if this was a £20 bag I’d of either just thrown the disc away or glued it back in myself.


But this bag is worth £320.

This may be a drop in the ocean to some people, it may not be considered much for a ‘designer’ bag but for me? It was an investment and to have this happen after 4 uses I was so upset.

I’ve gathered everything up and am taking it back to my local store to see what they can do about it, if it can be replaced/returned or if they can send it ‘away’ to be fixed.

Edit: They thankfully took the bag in, no quabbles. They asked if i’d like to return it or send it off for repair, they seemed as upset as I did that it broke. So in 4 weeks hopefully it’ll be back and better than new!




Don’t you just adore the more sultry tones that come later in the year after the summer glow? The musky perfumes and skin care, divine. One of my favourite times of year.

Madara Superseed Radiant Energy Organic Facial Oil 30ml – £40.00

Inika Vegan Lipstick 4.2g – £18.00

Deborah Lippmann 5 Free Luxury Nail Lacquer 15ml – £9.60 (on special)

Burberry Nails Nail Polish 8ml – £15.00

Burberry Eyes Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection High Shine Eye Shadow 2.7g – £23.00

Cartier La Panthère Eau de Parfum 30ml – £43.00 (on special)




Can you by any chance tell that I adore Autumn. This is my time of year, snuggled up in layers, boots, hats, scarves. Heaven!

Are you enjoying the start of layering?

ASOS PETITE Ultimate Chunky Jumper£25.00

ASOS Ultimate Chunky Jumper£25.00

ASOS ROSALINE Heeled Ankle Boots£32.00

ASOS KARMEN Wide Fit Pointed Over The Knee Boots£55.00

ASOS Colour Block Reversible Rochelle Scarf£14.00

ASOS Ultra Brushed Oversized Woven Scarf£18.00

Pieces Faux Fur Headband£14.00

ASOS Extra Chunky Beanie With Mixed Knit Pom Beanie£12.00



As I continue to lose weight I’ve found that I’ve started to look at dresses a lot more. As anyone who know’s me well, dresses (unless maxi) are pretty alien for me but I have been looking at them more and more. I’ve linked several below that I’ve really fallen in love with and will be keeping them on my ASOS wishlist for when I’m at the size I want and may have the confidence to just throw one on!

Dresses Wishlist

New Look Premium Lace Bodycon Dress£39.99

Kiss The Sky Swing Dress With Sheer Sleeves And Delicate Floral Embroidery£38.00

Needle & Thread Victorian Ruffle Dress£145.00

Maison Scotch Mini Length Sheer Dress With Peplum£109.95

Oneon Hand Woven Jumper Dress with Cable Detail£108.00

ASOS Double Layer Wiggle Dress in Stripe£45.00




The summer in the UK this year has been basically non-existent, we’ve had a few days of glorious sunshine but otherwise its been muggy beyond belief and raining at the same time. So I’ve been craving the chance to get my hands on some bikini’s for our hopeful August sunshine!

Bikini Wishlist

Sadly it seems as though these are either just the tops or bottoms in the links which I don’t understand why they’ve done it like that. But as you can tell my taste is either nude and understated or bright and bold.

  1. New Look Mesh Detail Triangle Bikini Top £9.99
  2. River Island Exclusive Contrast Edge Bikini Top £16.00
  3. Hobie Printed Scarf Tankini £26.00
  4. Blue Life Seychelles Halter Bikini Top £90.00
  5. ASOS Mirror Embroidered Halter Crop Bikini Top £28.00
  6. Minimale Animale Nadja Bikini Bottom £88.00

Whats your summer bikini style?