Champneys Review


We all know from previous posts that I like a little bit of Champneys. It’s a lovely collection with indulgent at home treats that really do feel quite Spa like.


This gorgeous taster tin is no different. It includes a shower cream, body lotion, daily scrub, body butter and a lofa.


The scrub is gorgeous, the grit inside is tiny and feels quite delicate, just what you’d need if you was going to indulge in it every day (personally not something I’d recommend).

The boy lotion and shower cream are both thick and creamy, the cream is a real treat in the shower and I wouldn’t say you need much of either to make a difference in your routine.

The body butter is incredibly thick and indulgent. I’ve been enjoying using this on more special occasions where I want something that’s going to pack a punch in the moisture department.



Soap and Glory Mini Set – Review


Whats not to love about Soap and Glory? Their nice price tag? Their fun but also classic theme or the products themselves?

I adore a little bit of Soap and Glory to indulge in every now and again.

This think, creamy body butter was no different, a lovely little slick up the legs, round the elbows and ankles keeps them in pretty good nick throughout the winter.

Their body washes tend to be very smooth and slippery in the shower, I enjoy the lather up they give when uses with a lofa too.

The also do gorgeous gift sets too, never a fail when their products are so versatile and usable.


Hand Care Kit

Heathcote and Ivory Hand Care Kit. This was a delightful little gift that I received for Christmas; as you can probably tell from previous posts, I quite like to do my nails and care for my hands!


This little set was delightfully received and is actually really quite nice.


I’ve found the balm a bit difficult to work with, its nice when applied but actually getting it out of the tin was a little challenging. I ended up swirling my finger around until it had warmed and I had a good layer. It was nice but I didn’t think anything long-lasting to it.


I enjoyed the hand cream, this was thick, luxurious and a little went quite far, this swatch did nearly both hands and wrists. I will be popping this into my handbag to use on the coming winter months!


I’ve not yet had a really thick lather up with this but it’s quite pleasant, I feel it would be ideal for a handbag too. As you know sometime when you use public restrooms and their annoyingly out of soap? Yeah, nifty little thing to carry around!


I havent used this yet as I want to save it for a pamper night but it smells gorgeous.

The whole set does actually, I’d definitely recommend this as a nice gift set for someone, I for one can say it was very nicely receive for a nail enthusiast that likes to take care of her hands!




Body Shop Mini Set – Review

Who doesn’t remember being young and going into The Body Shop to buy your first lip gloss, hand cream or musk? Personally for me and the girls I know it was that signal of hitting those teen years where personal care and smelling nice became important.

I like to indulge in little bits from The Body Shop here and there. I’ve especially been coveting their Spa of the World Collection, it looks stunning and from the little bits i’ve sampled in store well worth it, shame my budget isn’t so spendy at the moment.

btyI got gifted this gorgeous little mini set. It’s very simple, fresh, smells heavenly and the little lofa is gorgeous and silky, certainly not one of the scrubby kinds.

I really love the lotion, while it says whipped I do find it a little on the runnier side but a little still goes far. The wash is amazing, if you like mango it smells gorgeous, if a little artificial (perish the thought with The Body Shop!).


Luxury Make Up and Skincare Wish List

I realised that when I do my wish lists they’re always about clothes or shoes, which is mad as there’s many things that I’ve looked at and gone ‘oh I wish I could have that’. So for this edition I’ve done a beauty/skin care list.

Long gone are the days where I can just splurge on these things due to saving for our home I can’t just drop £100 on anything. The few luxury bits that I have in my collection now are coveted and used when I’m feeling particularly flashy or want something that I know will work. So here’s my Luxury Wishlist:

Make - up Wishlist

What would be your absolute splurge? I have many more things that I can add to this series so I may broaden my wish lists. After all they are just wishes, right?

Clinique Skin Care

I’ve always suffered from dry skin, this has been becoming more of a problem as I’ve gotten older.

It reached a tipping point recently where I was literally slathering myself in moisturizer that seemed to be having no effect. I was downing water like there was no tomorrow and having to pee constantly. So I decided that I’d speak to one of the ladies at the Clinique Counter.

I spoke about my dry skin and how no changes that I made seemed to make a difference and my makeup no longer sat nicely and would peel at random points of the day. She sat me down, pulled out several products and removed all my make up.

She recommended several products that would help and pointed out that I needed to start healing and promoting new skin cells before the moisturising stage as by that point the moisture is just being sucked into all the dead skin and not penetrating the layers it needs to, to make a difference.

Recommendations for my skin:

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush £79.00


Liquid Facial Soap £16.50


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ £18.00-£30.00


Clarifying Lotion 1

Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator

Pep Start™ Eye Cream

I asked what would make the most difference now as I couldn’t budget for them all at once.

Clarifying Lotion 1 £16.50

Reviews 004

To use this you simply pour a small amount on a cotton pad, swipe over the effected areas (I do my whole face) and leave, no washing require as the ingredients only stay active for 30 seconds and are then absorbed by your skin. It helps to promote skin cell renewal.

Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator £34.00

You require a pea size amount and massage it into your face from the T-zone outwards. This is oil free, it helps to hydrate for a full 24 hours, over a long period of time it helps your skin to build up a natural barrier to environmental irritants.

Pep Start™ Eye Cream £22.00

Like caffeine for the eyes. I love using this in the morning as my eyes feel really tight where I’m still tired. It’s a 3 second fix that helps to hydrate and brighten, I love swiping the cold ball applicator under my eye for instant soothing. I’ve also read that others keep it in the fridge!

Sorry for the scary pictures! I’ve noticed a real difference personally after only a month of use and I’m much happier with how my make up sits. I still have some problem areas but its nothing compared to how it was.

I have a feeling that I may go back and invest in the other recommendations but I’m not in a rush at the moment.