Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I’m a follower of the lovely Rice and Dine blog. They post amazing, real home comfort foods that I adore.

All beautiful, look gorgeously tasty and several of which I’m saving in a scrap-book for when we get our own place and I can cook/bake to my heart’s content.

As I’ve been on annual leave I thought I’d try out their latest recipe which is for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies as they looked delish!

I pulled all the ingredients out.


As I live in the UK I used a converter for the measurements which was very simple and can be found on a quick google search unless you already know them. Pretty easy.

I found when getting my ingredients out that I didn’t have enough chocolate chips so I chopped up some dairy milk into chunks as a substitute.

Standard dry mix together.

Sugar and butter mixed and beaten well until it was as fluffy as I could get by hand as I don’t have an electric whisk.


Incorporated the egg.

Next I very slowly, bit by bit, blended the dry into the wet using a whisk.

I laid the blobs out on my tray.

A real lesson learned here, Rice and Dine recommended to¬† ‘Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls, 2 inches apart’.

I didn’t have enough room for this and I really don’t know why I didn’t just do more, smaller batches instead of doing it all at once. Patience and hindsight I guess.

Next time I’ll try the balls a bit smaller with much more space. I would also recommend beating with the whisk a bit more to help stiffen the mix too.

My first tray came out great however the other two had melted a bit more and bled into each other, so I had a massive block of cookie rather than round individual ones. No matter as they’ll still get eaten and I cut them into square chunks instead.

I would really recommend going and checking out their page, again amazing food with different difficulty levels of cooking with printable recipes and instructions. I cannot wait to be able to bulk make several of their recipes that I’ve saved!

Head over to Rice and Dine for ingredients/measurements and let them know if you make any of their recipes!



Naturally Sassy

I bought a new cook book as it had a lot of raw/vegan sweets in that didn’t require a pinch of 50 ingredients. Very basic and require anything from 3-10 and you can make them in bulk. The book I chose was – Naturally Sassy

I liked the sweet section of this book. I’m a meat eater, I have no intention of stopping or cutting out anything in my diet. However I do want to eat less processed white sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The two that I picked out for now are: Raw Chocolate Brownie Bars and Nut Butter Cups. My thoughts in regards to the ease, recipes and final product.

When I bought the cocoa I bought drops rather than powder, so I ploughed on with the drops. It said that you can change your choice of nuts, just make sure their unsalted. Can you guess the theme here? Mine are salted. My dates also had pips in them, nearly had a nicely broken blender.

I’m not going to give a step-by-step of the recipe, that’s what the books for but I wanted to give some opinions. These are all the ingredients that I used for recipe one:

phone 034.jpg

I loved this as most books have dozens and it can get very expensive. You need a food processor, I have a flimsy little one that really struggled with this. It began to get very hot but it did get the job done. My mess, I think this would have came out quite differently if I’d used the unsalted nuts and powder, it felt quite wet.

phone 035.jpg

You take a handful and flatten them out to 1cm thick portions. I found it easier to make all of it into a smooth dough and roll it out, then cut, but this may work different with the right ingredients.

phone 037.jpg

My final product, really not sure how I feel about them. They’re not even remotely as pretty as hers, I wasn’t tempted to try any whilst I was making them. I’ll let them harden and reserve my judgement until tasting.

Peanut butter cups I was much happier making.

I did have trouble getting my coconut oil out of the jar as I didn’t think to get it out earlier and it was rock solid, so a little note there. I did try the chocolate mixture for this, it does have a subtle hint of coconut but this may disappear once the elements are together.

phone 038.jpg

It says to use six normal cupcake cases but I think that much in onewould be too sickly so I used miniatures. Instructions call for leaving the bases in the freezer for five minutes, I did the dishwasher and cleaned the sides and got them out, they appeared fine.


I’ve never actually used almond butter before, when I opened the jar there was a thick layer of oil on top. I attempted to stir this in but couldn’t so I poured a lot of the oil away. Is this normal?


I was really happy with how these turned out, they were quick, easy and I’m looking forward to trying them!


I loved the little almond butter cups, gorgeous straight from the freezer. There is a subtle taste of coconut, even I as a coconut hater didn’t mind, as soon as you hit the almond butter, its heaven. The bars were a let down but I’m trying to reserve judgement as I really didn’t have all the proper ingredients.

Winner: Almond butter cups!