Reading Recommendation – 2

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.

Doctor Sleep

I of course know the gory, glory that is Stephen King. I’ve watched several films based on his books but never read any. Slap on the wrist, I know. I had read somewhere before that Mr King hated some of the adaptations of his books and now I truly understand why.

I’ve always wondered what happened after The Shining and I saw years later that he’d written Doctor Sleep. I was very excited for this as I wanted to know how Danny adapted and evolved as an adult with his gift.

What a book! This was incredibly gripping, the imagery he creates in your mind is just immense, it was a real twister of a book that generally just shoves you straight in and you hang on for the ride. There are side stories wrapped in the main story that by the end all link in so exceptionally well together you don’t quite get the time to theorise how it will end.


Since reading this I’ve been out and bought several of Stephen Kings books, one of which is The Shining that I am half way through. I can see why he complained about the film, there are several layers to each of the characters, especially Jack, that the film just doesn’t bother to portray.

Just to let you know the paper back is a steal on Amazon at the moment, linked above. I personally invested in the hardback but I just prefer the quality of them as I re-read my books a lot!